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    I might be a newbie in the gambling industry (player & webmaster part) but I’m a fulltime webmaster in other area and after my post at this place:

    I thought a bit and came out with one idea:) : build a new system around link list & freesites such as in the adult industry but applied to gambling.

    I’ve posted more details on my site:
    (I don’t want to spam here about my site, but I prefer link to the post instead of simply copy/paste the post).

    Once you read this post, I ‘ld like to know if you are interested or not and if we can move things together.
    I’m sure you will have questions and … I have answers.

    Just an idea tough… so I might be wrong…

    Either post here, in public, or in private or on my site or all.


    Well, as I don’t have much replies, I guess it isn’t a good idea:flush:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)