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Program / Affiliate Relations

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    How important is it t keep in touch with your affiliate manager? I have to admit I havent stayed in touch with mine, except for that occassional email. I do think that a good relationship can/could minimize the gillette effect.

    What do you think?


    If the program is honest it should be irrelevant … however

    many of us have have witnessed earnings magically spurt after

    communicating with the manager.



    Yes – Id agree that a very good percentage of us have probably witnessed that dramatic turn-around after a negative contact … Amazing how that works.

    Thats why I think those that have really good relationships may do better …


    I’ve noticed the same phenominon. Coincidence?


    I speak with CasinoBlasters weekly. Coincidentally (or not), they’re my top performing program. Especially as it relates to player retention.

    Now whether or not I talk to them weekly because they’re my top performer, or whether they’re my top performer because I talk to them weekly, I’ll let someone else make assumptions. Because I’m not sure.

    But just as an experiment, I think I’ll try touching base with one of my other programs on a regular basis and see if the numbers don’t improve.


    Good post A.

    It reminds me that I’ve got to touch base with a couple of mine.


    I think a few of my managers would prefer just to NOT talk to me as many of us had a rather rough introduction (*hard to believe that I could ever make anybody feel that way – I know; but its true) :bigsmile:

    but anyway, what I’m saying is that you’ve got to be stand-up with the managers and don’t just accept obvious BS and continue to list their casinos. Some if not many of them seem content to be pushed to the back of your site but its only when you have taken down all their links that you seem to get any effort from them. (how many times do you hear someone say they are doing better with a program now that they aren’t sending traffic?)

    If I found one that didn’t show a signup of a tester I had sent, I raised hell with them about it but in a nice way, and I always would get the usual blah-blah as to why, but that was when I really started testing them.

    if one came up dirty twice, I took them down. And let every webmaster that I know, especially the known producers, that they should avoid that program.

    And when you take them down, do your very best to hunt down every single link that is pointing to them because despite the fact that the programs claim they can’t alter your stats, many of us have at some time experienced a situation where we were making money with a program, albeit not enough, or we’d not have likely found ourselves in a confrontation with said program, but anyway, that after confrontation – that our meager though steady monthly income suddenly dried up completely.

    So if you aren’t careful, you may experience a similar huge loss I did in the same scenario and I landed a whopper of a whale and never saw a dime. (talking $10k my way in 2 weeks time – never saw a dime)

    I knew the place was worthless but depsite my best efforts I couldn’t find the hidden links but I could see I was still sending traffic by looking at the stats)

    don’t worry, Quicksilver casino is gone now. but if you ever hear the name Mike Dibley, get the hell out fast and if you see him in person, kick ’em once for me, right between the legs as hard as you can.

    you’d make a friend for life. :)


    that our meager though steady monthly income suddenly dried up completely.

    Happened to me twice in my many years in this biz! First with Fortune Lounge and then with Fallen Star! The later I was averaging around a grand a month until I told Marlo off – after that confrontation I never again seen 1 dime!

    Needless to say Id regret ever running into that crook – I think someone said in the public forums – if we could just make an honest 10% we’d be so much better off. Thats most certainly sad but probably true!

    Sure wish I could find an honest deal!


    In our business talk isnt cheap, its profitable.

    A well timed ass kicking almost always improves the numbers.

    I also find a weekly chat on freindly terms also works wonders.

    It’s human nature. It’s easier to shave numbers on a computer screen, its hard to shave that guy or gal you “know” and are going to be talking to later in the week.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)