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    Ok Guys we have a brand new season. A few of the teams in the playoffs have been sandbagging the last few weeks and what we see on the field now may be either suprisingly well rested and strong or rusty and out of step.

    Heres my picks for this round. These are really tough as all the teams in the playoffs this year are good teams:

    Washington at Seattle – I think Washington has the core strengths to pull this one off. The only question mark is home field. Skins

    Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – Jacksonville is for real. They have dominant offensive and defensive lines, a dominant running game and a decent passing game. This is what wins play off games. Pittsburgh cant be counted out though as they know how to win, are aggressive and are playing at home. Awesome game. I pick the Jaguars to come out on top.

    Giants at Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay does it. Overall they have superior team and Garcia wont choke like Manning will.

    Tennessee at San Diego – Ok the parties over for the Titans. San Diego beats their asses like a big blue drum.


    Pittsburgh as an underdog at home in the playoffs…hmm

    I’m not putting my picks here cuz everytime i do something bad happens to one of my players, and i’m superstitious, but you are welcome to click the playoff picks in my signature and check them out.

    Gonna get a nice run from my money with the bets i have going, almost cornered the market this year

    New England is a team created in God’s mould, perfect in every way, incapable of doing wrong.


    Pittsburg is toast, they look worse and worse as they go.. (im not just saying that because im a Cleveland fan)

    New England WILL NOT win the superbowl..


    My statistical spreadsheet based picks :

    Washington at Seattle
    – Seattle 7-1 at home this season. So Seattle probably win this too.

    Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
    – Same story Pittsburgh 7-1 at home – only loss was 22-29 to the Jags.
    – I’d take home advantage.

    Giants at Tampa Bay
    – Agree with the bookmakers in making Tampa 3 pt favourites.
    – Got Tampa Bay (6-2 at home) as 57% likely to win.

    Tennessee at San Diego
    – Another 7-1 home side. So a home win for San Diego.


    I think Pitt wins and goes on to beat NE as an upset. I thint NE may be the best team ever to play the game but they will stumble.



    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt…

    With that in mind

    I hope Pittsburgh win because they have always been my favorite NFL team, when “Fast” Willie Parker busted his leg a couple weeks ago it really killed the mood, like a horse flying down the stretch having to alter course late, a big chunk of Pitt’s big plays were specifically designed with him in mind because of his speed and now there is a space there that needs to be filled.

    Having been a part of team’s in similar situations i can say that the players look at it this way…We’re not gonna waste everything we worked all year for because we lost one player, everyone is gonna have to play just a little bit harder now.

    One of my famous pep talks up there, so that’s how Pitt is looking at it, they always have some unknown plugger step up and shine like a star in these games, and are one of the league’s most respected champ teams.

    I hope Tennessee wins because coach Jeff Fisher is probably the coolest guy in the league, he is a total sharpie and really feels the game well, he knows how to get the best out of everyone, and i gotta give Tennessee a big shot here, he will find a way to keep the game close against anyone and give his team an opportunity to win, i can’t see this being a blowout win for San Diego as many people are thinking it will be.

    I hope Tampa win strictly from a business perspective, been listening to those NFL guys tell me that the last place finisher in their division has gone on to win the division the following year for the last 5 years so i put a few bucks on them at big odds

    I hope Washington win because i tipped em off here a few weeks ago when they were at over 500-1 odds and they’ve reeled off 4 straight wins and got in to the playoffs, a place that coach Joe Gibbs once dominated with 4 Super Bowl appearances in 10 years, winning 3 of them, and the team is playing inspired ball after one of their star players was shot dead a few weeks ago.

    I like to bet on what i want to happen and then make it happen with the aid of my voodoo kit, hopefully i don’t hit the backwards mojo bag by accident.

    So that’s what i’m gonna do here, putting away the paper egghead formulas for this event and rollin it old school

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