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Professor Signing Off for a rest

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    Ok Guys after the all the negative press and activity of the past few months I have decided it’s probably best for the community moving forward if I left. Between the CAP Audit fiasco and now the public dressing down by Casinomeister (someone I have always had a great deal of respct for) I figure its time to throw in the towel. For whatever reason I create too much of a distraction and raise too many questions by even being here anymore. I know many in the industry now believe I am some kind of monster and even my old friends have fallen silent in support. I will do whats best and simply move on. It’s been a great run and I truly enjoyed it. I met some of the best people I have ever known through CAP and it’s taken me wonderful places around the world. I would rather remember it fondly then grow bitter and forget all the good we have done together.

    I have always loved this business and loved CAP, it’s been my baby for so many years and it’s hard to let go. But now its turned into a nightmare thats damaging my health and something I dread getting up to. Unfortunately I have already purchased tickets to London and have a hotel room booked at this point I may or may not go, but even if I do this is my last appearance at the events. I will also be turning over the reins here to a younger team and staff with fresh ideas that can keep CAP moving in a positive direction. I sincerely hope everyone finds them more agreeable to work with and is supportive of the transition. It’s time for me to move on.

    As moderators you are people I have always felt were particularly special. I really appreciate your help and support over the years. I am certain we will see a major surge of business in the latter quarters of the year and the new CAP will be here to help you make the most of that opportunity. I am probably going to do some fishing, work on my own portals again and pursue new less stressful opportunities. Good luck and God Speed.


    Hi Lou,

    It breaks my heart to see this happen to you. I’m so sorry about my part in the audit fiasco. I hope you know that I only want the very best for you and hope that you will stay in touch.

    Please know that I will be sure to do you proud on the audits. We all will. :)


    Lou, we’ll talk in London.

    There is an old german proverb my grandma used frequently:

    “Soup isn’t eaten as hot as it’s cooked.”

    It applies here, just let the soup cool off before you try to swallow any of it.


    It’s 1 am and I am squinting to come tell you not to make any rash decisions like Dom said. We will talk in London.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)