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Prevent Microsoft From Stealing Your Visitors

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    A little known fact about Windows XP is that Microsoft has cleverly programed a “feature” into Explorer that allows them to control the destination of your visitors. Microsoft calls this feature “Smart Tags.” This feature is not yet active in Explorer, but Microsoft is intent on making it a reality.

    Essentially, Smart Tags are contextually aware tags that are placed in the text as it is initially parsed through the browser. Before text is rendered to the screen, the browser adds some links surrounding familiar text elements from its directory of resources. For example, the word spreadsheet might be recognized by the browser and made into a link to

    User backlash has caused Microsoft to turn Smart Tags off as the default setting in Explorer. But it is conceivable that your visitors may turn it on somewhere along their journey across their computer preferences.

    The way to combat Smart Tags is very easy. Just place the following code in the head section of all of your HTML pages.


    Smart Tags are not so Smart Tags

    An interesting little article you may find usefull

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)