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Pretty well sums it up about Franks Bill

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    I love the end comment:

    “About 70 percent of the global online wagering market is from the U.S.,” he said. “So we were competing, with only 30 percent of the market. It wasn’t enough to be profitable.” But with the U.S. market, under Frank’s proposal, it would be profitable, he predicted.

    Basically, for the most part remove the Offshore compition, then enter prodominetly US companies, and walla; its profitable. Say bye-bye to the affiliate market if this bill passes.


    @john1124 129860 wrote:

    Say bye-bye to the affiliate market if this bill passes.

    How come? pls explain…


    We have a long debate of this someplace…

    I don’t see affs being out of the picture. Every online industry uses them and so will this one.


    It is all in how they implement it. If the companies outlined in the article keep affiliates it could be really good, even if they cut the comission percentage down some.

    The slot machine games found in land based casinos have a huge amount of visitors searching the internet for online versions. Eventually, this could spell the end of many online game makers unless they are sub-contracted to develop these games.

    For example, my click thru rate for Wagerworks (develops online versions of IGT land-based slot games) hovers at 80%. Over 133 free play signups in June alone, far exceeding any other program. However most are from the US which is the downside.


    We are not talking about WagerShare, Casino Profits, and Casino Coins. After reading that article and seeing names like Apple,Disney, and Sony. Companies that already use the Mass Media here in America for their full advantage. In the case of the Mouse, hell he already owns 1/4 of all cable TV Stations. Run Free Ad’s Here. Believe me they are going to have no need for the common affiliate after this is done. They may still align themselves with the bigger sites they pay a flat fee for, for their high traffic. But the little guys forget about it. What surprizes me is the names mentioned in the afformentioned article. Sony,Universal, Time Warner, Disney? Companies, who are not known for the gambling industry, now all of a sudden project interest? They will be lobbying for one of the “Limited License” against the offshore entities. I wonder who will get the Liceneses first, Casino Coins or Disney? Wager Share or Universal? Come on the writing is clearly on the wall.

    Thank God I have serious doubt that Barneys Bill is pass they way it is.


    Any reversal of UIGEA will take a minimum of 2 years, regardless of what form it takes. Do you guys forget how long it took UIGEA (or some form of anti-gambling legislation to pass) ? It took many years. It will take several years and a Democratic executive to reverse it. The political process is long and slow. The current administration will never reverse it. The only chance for reversal is with an all-Democratic administration & Congress.

    That said, the damage has been done, gang. The DOJ has successfully kabashed payment processing via threats, and they have instilled enough fear to scare many of the biggest operators out of the U.S.. The DOJ has dealt the industry a serious blow. The current industry has suffered a great deal from this, and will NOT recover. The damage is irreversible, IMO.

    Any reversal of UIGEA will trigger the American giants into the industry, which will dwarf the current operators, and put many of them out of business for good. It is doubtful that any major U.S. operators will have any sort of lucrative affiliate programs, that had existed in this industry to this point. Their brand names will suffice, when it comes to luring players. MGM and Sony are household names, unlike the names of the current operators in the industry. These large corporations will not need lucrative affilifate programs to generate traffic to their sites….the masses will find them easily, unlike what the industry has seen to date. So, I basically agree with John’s assertion.

    My advice to all, is to let the past go, and re-tool for the future. Certainly, it really sucks how all this *hit went down this past year. But, there are other ways to make money as an affiliate on the Web – gambling was a good run, but everyone needs to roll with the times, and look for alternative measures. Those who are smart enough to recognize this, will reap the rewards. Those who don’t, will unfortunately die a slow and ugly death.

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