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poker affiliation vs. casino affiliation

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    Which one is better? I personally know a couple of poker affiliates who make $100+ a month but then they started doing it years ago, but i see a lot of casino affiliates who make a lot $$. So I am guessing there’s more money involved in casino affilation?

    confused…once again,



    Both are excellent choices Steve.

    Casinos are great because of the vast number of good partners out there.
    Player values are extremely good though long term retention is some times difficult.

    Poker is hot because its a very popular and well publicized game here in the states. Generally most real players are quite loyal to their favorite poker rooms and spend a LOT more time playing then the typical casino player. The only downside is that the rakes are small per bet so you NEED a lot of play to make decent profits from your people. The other challenge is player loss through rake back schemes. Some players float around and its difficult from a retention standpoint to hang onto them.

    Hey, why not promote BOTH!



    My advice is to pick the one you are most passionate about and create a lot of high quality content around either poker or casinos. Having good quality content these days is the way to build a long-term revenue stream.


    I’m with Webber. Start with something you can care and get excited about.


    Question. How do you guys make money from you referrals or affiliates, when they decide to play at a different casino that happens to offer a sign-up bonus or reload bonus?

    I have a solution to that problem…..:thumbsup:


    i the beginning i underestimated poker rev greatly.
    I thought, a rake of 2 cents? whats that going to bring?

    so i started witch casino,
    later i added poker, and i must say poker generates a stable amount of income also


    yes both are great – im almost 100% casino at the mo as my new poker site and my other poker section is not live yet – but 1 player i signed up at partypoker 4 months ago brings in $30 – $65 p/m just on his own(at only 20% comission too) get 100 of those and :happydanc

    im so looking forward to promoting my new poker site as poker is my thing really – im just negotiating with some poker rooms right now for some exclusive bonues etc – which i reccommend you do, so you can offer your players somthing extra then just signing up direct at the pokerroom

    if you can show the poker rooms that you have a quality site and serious about being an affiliate they should agree to give you some better bonuses

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)