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    Everyone join me in congratulating Hugh Gordon from the FOREXYARD Forex Affiliate Program for being selected a Certified Program at CAP!
    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

    Hugh Says:
    Online Forex trading is booming and affiliates are starting to realize its potential to generate unlimited commissions! Like gaming, the ability to promote a successful, respected brand, backed up by effective marketing tools, is the key to conversion. ForexYard gives you the opportunity to tap into this flourishing market, allowing you to profit from your existing traffic and giving you the potential to generate more.

    To get an idea of the size an idea as to the value of this online sector, its worth mentioning that more than $3 trillion is traded daily in the international forex market.

    At present the Forex affiliate market is comparable to that of the gaming industry 10 years ago. As with gaming in the late 90’s, affiliates who establish themselves relatively early on will reap substantial rewards further down the line. ForexYard will be there throughout, to give you with the high level of personal support and latest marketing tools needed to succeed.

    We offer our website, trading platform, dealing room, sales & customer support, marketing tools and daily content in a wide choice of languages, giving you access to numerous international markets (including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Russian).

    Click here to join the FOREXYARD Forex Affiliate Program


    Hi and thanks for the welcome, it’s great to be here and involved with CAP! If you have any questions about our forex affiliate program, please do not hesitate to get in touch by mail or post your comments in this forum thread.

    FOREXYARD will be attending the CAP Barcelona conference in a couple of weeks time and we’re very much looking forward to meeting interested affiliates. Let me know if you’ll be attending, we’ll be sure to catch up with you and chat over a drink or two…

    Click here to learn more about our affiliate program and the forex market in general.

    Hugh Gordon
    Affiliate Manager

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)