Please Welcome Everest Affiliates as a CAP Listed Program

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    Everyone join me in congratulating Rebecca Liggero from Everest Affiliates for being selected a CAP Listed Program!
    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

    Rebecca Says: represents many months of collaborative work with top affiliates to achieve a much needed upgrade to the existing affiliate platform, Affiliated Web Attractions. The new portal was launched on 4 October 2007 and will serve as the exclusive affiliate program for the popular Everest Poker and Everest Casino brands. As of 1 December 2007, Everest Poker has ranked 6th in the world in terms of most cash players seated at any given moment. (source:

    Everest Affiliates focuses almost exclusively on European, Asian and South American players (15 languages and counting) and has a staff of 25+ dedicated affiliate managers from all corners of the globe with local expertise. Everest poker runs satellites for the major poker events, hosts their very own European Poker Cup, and satellites into tournaments which have tremendous local interest such as the Austrian Open and Torneo di Poker in Slovenia.

    The software platform (Voted 2006/2007 Favourite Poker Room by players) is exclusive to Everest and therefore player data is never shared with any other brand. Everest listens to the changes that players and partners want to make and they build it! Further independent honors for the program include a listing in the iGaming Business 2007 Marketplace Guide as one of the “Top 10 Companies to Watch in iGaming”.

    Click here to review program


    Awww, thanks so much! I am really excited to be a part of the Everest Affiliates team and the CAP Certified Program community. For those of you planning to attend CAP Euro London, the fabulous Everest Affiliates team will be in full force at our booth and at the parties too, of course. I’m not sure if my new colleagues know what they are in for…ha ha ha :)


    No kidding, I welcome this joint for sure! :turn:
    Though I have not had much experience with Everest’s affi prog yet, this place offers a serious Casino that I am going to recommend my visitors.

    I am glad to see Everest here along with Madame Liggero and am positive that they will be an improvement to this forum.


    Woo hoo!! This is what I love to hear. I am really happy with the Everest team- this is a quality operation for sure. :) Please find me in London- we will have a nice chat and some fun!!!


    hehe Rebecca….
    you managed to give EVA its very own Forum,
    so quickly!!

    and see you in London yes :)

    and thanks to Damian for being a great help often:)

    maybe the wrong place now, but i posted a question here:


    I’ve been interested in promoting Everest but was under the impression that they had given up the casino side of their aff program.

    What languages do you offer? :hattip:


    Although the focus has been on Poker in the past, we are absolutely moving forward with the casino side of our affiliate program. Even better, we have some really exciting plans for Everest Casino (and the others) which will be rolled out in 2008. Our casinos are offered in
    Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. Makes me sad that I only speak English! haha! (It’s because I’m American…I know. :))


    I’ll give you a try on my foreign language sites then.

    Your tracking is 100% correct, is it? And you are not planning to change links anytime soon? :wink-wink:tongue:


    Ok, great- please let me know how it goes! Tracking is 100% correct, and no, we won’t change the links on you. :tongue:


    Welcome home Becky!!!


    Just a quick question , do you guys accept USA players?


    We do not accept US players. Have a GREAT New Years! Becky

    PS: Awww, thanks Shay!! I miss ya, hope to see you in London?


    And for the French speaking folks…
    N’hésitez pas à nous contacter en cas de questions éventuelles, notre équipe francophone reste à votre disposition à tout moment !
    Au nom de toute l’équipe frqncophone d’Everest Affiliates, je vous souhaite à tous une très Bonne Année 2008 remplie de succès dans toutes vos entreprises !!!
    Stephane Castaing


    Do they still have a representative here? I read that Dimitri is apparently not working for Everest anymore.


    I figure this forum should be renamed. I regret to say though that their ties to Expekt did not strengthen my confidence in this company.

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