Please Welcome Bingo Partners as a another new CAP Listed Program

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    Everyone join me in congratulating Mark from Bingo Partners for becoming a CAP Listed Program

    Mark Says:
    Welcome to Bingo Partners Affiliates one of the most innovative affiliate programs on the Internet today. Serving our affiliates the quickest and most useful information about their players with real time reports. With Bingo Partners Affiliates you’ll earn up to 40% of your players net losses. Payments are available on a monthly basis. Your balance will carry over if you do not request a withdrawal. You can request you payment on the last week of the month. To request a withdrawal email Join the largest Bingo Affiliate Program in the world and start making money today! Bingo Partners Affiliates is one of the most innovative affiliate programs on the Internet today. Serving our affiliates the quickest and most useful information about their players with real time reports. • Detailed real time statistical tracking system • The highest conversion rate in the industry • The highest player retention rate in the industry • Sales staff to keep your players active • 24/7 customer service for your players

    Click here to join the Bingo Partners affiliate program


    Firstly, I’d like to thank Sam Brown and Yvette for introducing me to the CAP organization they have been very helpful. I look forward to growing Bingo Partners Affiliate Program by making new business relationships with eveyone associated to this Premier team. I am very accesible and easy to get along with, so introduce yourselves and express your comments, questions and concerns regarding our program.

    Secondly, I would like to focus on the issue of TRUST. Bingo Partners and FunTimeBingo are brands owned and operated by BetCRIS and BOOKMAKER, pioneers in online gaming. Our organization prides itself on its 22 years of existence. All affiliates can rest assured that you and your customers will get paid and the tools you require to promote are yours for the asking.

    I believe its important for everyone to know that the customers you send to us will be treated like royalty. We boast one of the highest cc processing approval ratings in the industry and payouts are quick thanks to our accounting professionals. The chatroom monitors in FTB are celebrities, and loved by all players. Our team in Customer Service is second to none. The design group in the Graphics department are absolute artists and the Fraud Department keeps everyone honest.

    During this 2 month introductory period, all CAP affiliates will receive 40% commissions. I encourage affiliates with bingo and casino games traffic to give our first rate program a try, your time will be rewarded.:hattip:

    Aff Mgr


    Affiliate is required to refer a minimum of 10 active customers to withdraw/transfer their earnings.
    This term in your t&c’s will keep me away.


    Thanks for bringing that condition to my attention, I will get it removed. I dont anticipate anyone abusing our Bingo Partners Affiliate Program in that way…. Anything else?


    Are Chris and Jim still involved? (Purely out of interest)

    Are you stand alone or now part of the network?

    Are you still taking US players?


    Yes sir, Chris is my Supervisor and Jim is a Consultant in the FTB organization.
    We are a stand alone program.


    Looking for some BIngo clients.. Cant seem t o log in the program or aff site. No connection granted…

    Is this site still valid..



    Hello Steve,
    Feel free to check out our affiliate site Bingo Affiliate Program at your soonest convenience and let me know how I can help in getting you started promoting Fun Time Bingo – Online Bingo Games and Casino Games – Online Bingo Games
    Thanks for your interest,

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