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Please review my site!

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    Since I am a new member I might as well get some constuctive criticism and advice.

    Please honestly tell me what you think, it can only help me in the long run. If there is a long run, see my post under legal issues and regulations!

    Thanks in advance



    I am new to portals as well, but I must say that the site is not probably very SEO friendly and that it would be nice if something was vivible as soon as the browser hits the page so that you wouldn´t have to stare at a empty screen while it loads, this naturally comes a problem only when your visitor has a “bad” connection.

    So in my mind, SEO, some quicktext and maybe something to offer starting from page one.


    Another tip for search engines – and for your visitor’s comfort, would be to either put your tips on separate pages for each game, or have an index at the top to click to the spot in the page for each game (this last one is for visitors not SEO).

    With a page per game, you can optimize for different keywords involving the game on each page.

    I’m also finding the red a little hard to read on black.

    Looks like you’ve put a lot of work in!


    Thanks, Mike and Fergie, Nice to meet you online! I’ve made some changes already based on your suggestions that I think are great. Honestly, I would never have thought of them, but that is why I asked to be reviewed. I know I have a LOT of SEO work to do, it seems I work harder sitting on my donkey than I have ever worked before!


    Anyway, Thanks and any other help will be greatly appreciated.



    …looks better to me and the page is partially viewable from the first moment and thats good, but why do you have the big GF casino header on the firstpage? It looks nice, but maybe it´s a bit too big?

    Another thing that I noticed is that if I view your site as fullscreen with 1280×1024 resolution the bottom lights gif cuts into two separate lines and not in the same level so it goes something like this:



    Quite a description eyh? :)


    Wow, It’s really eye-grabbing now.
    I rather like it. :bigsmile:


    I am glad it looks better, I’ll try to fix the lights, and do more SEO!

    Any more suggestions are more than welcome.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)