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    Hi guys, being all affiliates I was hoping you would like to help me by reviewing this page:

    What information would you as a webmaster, or as an affiliate like to see besides this and so on?

    Thank you very much!



    Backgammon you say….

    I never “got into” Backgammon but I do respect the strategy of the game.

    As I was checking our your site I noticed a free Backgammon flash demo and although I did not do so well (maybe I should have read the game rules page or strategy page) I did enjoy the experience.

    For what it’s worth… I thought your site was “Totally Backgammon”

    The page design and template itself is pretty generic but does come straight to the point (I always encourage new clients to build simple) so in that respect, you deserve a good grade.

    As said before, the whole sie is “Backgammon” so that too deserves a little star.

    I just felt that if I were not into Backgammon, there is really nothing there for me (but that’s just me)

    This review will also be posted at my blog (along with link to your site)
    as i do feel it to be a worthy resource.

    Here is the official link to your review:

    If you ever start a link page…
    Please consider adding http://www.Casino-Magyck.Com to your directory
    :hattip: :hattip: :hattip:


    Thank you very much for your review! And for the link off course!
    You got a good point that it’s “just” backgammon. I allready started adding other games on my dutch version of the site, will translate this into english as well.
    Can I ask you, as an affiliate, what you think about the affiliate information site I put up, also about “just backgammon” :)


    thank you.

    Regards, Luuk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)