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Please Rate My Article on Sportsbetting

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    Please rate my article (not my site.)

    The website is only 2 days old and I’m trying to get all the content in first before I mess with design, …

    So please don’t hurt my feelings about the site yet :shhh: , it’s not finished.

    However, would love to hear opinions on my article.

    Check it out:


    Hmm.. well, I was hoping I could get some opinions on it.

    It’s only a rough draft. Still would like to perfect it


    The article has a good grasp of English and contains several good search terms.

    The article is long winded, quite dry and does not seem to be aimed at either the novice bettor or the experienced gambler.

    Who did you think you were aiming at ?


    Thanks for the input.

    As far as aim goes, I’m trying to put a new perspective on “why?” I guess I’m just tired of reading the same old cliche of “why sportsbetting” that all seem to say the same thing all over the web.

    Trying to step away from the crowd I guess :)

    – I do admit, I was very keyword orientated when writing up this draft. It probably did get in the way of the literary aspects of it quite a bit.

    VERY WELL NOTED.. Thanks Again :)


    mmm … yep I see. A good idea in principle and certainly one that your writing has the skills to achieve.

    I also think that I can see there is a good potential crossover between sports betting and poker playing as both lines of gambling are reliant on spotting a good opportunity to make a bet – rather than betting on anything.

    But remember that writing for the web (and for internet players) tends to be quite different than writing for a newspaper or journal.

    It needs to be a little snappier – and probably a little more positive – as it stands I’m not sure just how it converts the novice or entices the experienced player to read further.

    Good luck with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)