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Player Preferred – Hype, InChilli, Giant Palace

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    I exchange emails with them too, I like to stay informed.

    I don’t see what that has to do with paying.

    They are not going to pay anyone in the near future, that’s a for sure.

    Whether anyone ever gets paid depends on who ends up running the show.


    Thanks Dom.

    Guys – I am not stupid nor naive. I know what I am doing and that is to leave a line of communication open. I understand that David may well be a thief, con man, and any number of things…. I have taken that into account. But one thing is for certain – he knows EVERYTHING about the situation.

    I’ll stand with my decision to ‘communicate with thieves’. Maybe I’ll be fed lines of shit, and that is ok. :)


    Communication is fine. My comments were made here in private because I didnt want you to have any illusions about whats going on. Hype is bad news and they burned their bridges with affiliates and players and I think they know that.

    The only thing they are hoping for at this point is that they can unload the software and the bad rep on someone who likes their games.

    They will then ride off with the massive database of players that we all built for them and mostly likely develop a reskinned version of the old software platform to exploit that database.


    I know this place has no intention of sending any of us our money!! It has been weeks and nothing said from them, think about it if they were in the least bit intertested in proving to us they are going to come good on this don’t you think they would have paid us all say 1/3 of what they owe say in a payment in earnest ? I would not have blacklisted and spoke out against them so much if I would have seen they had some kind of intention of coming good on the money but all they seem to be doing is thinking of ways to screw us even more!

    whewwww I feel better now thanks for letting me get that off my chest:Cry:


    My thought is that their funds are frozen by the court.

    Just speculation, but would be logical. Funds in dispute are always frozen, and their dispute is the money.

    So I am certainly not sending players there, pulled them long ago. I don’t see how pressure can do any good though.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)