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    Somehow, the lovely people at Mamas Trattoria in Canberra, have had their phone lines diverted to my mobile. I’ve been fielding calls from would-be customers all morning :sarcasm:

    I’ve tried to reach them, but they only have one number on the net, and guess where that goes…

    I’m thinking of just taking orders, and not delivering :roflmao:



    This used to happen to us all the time when I was younger. Our phone number ended in 7705 and the pizza place was 7706 with the rest of the number exactly the same..

    My parents got so sick of telling people they had called the wrong number that they just started taking orders and hanging up. Pretty funny stuff :)

    This still happening to you mate?


    Nah. Unfortunately my short stint in the hospitality industry went down the tubes. Really disappointing, coz I put in a lot of hard work, and it all came to naught :(

    Oh well, back to ye olde drawing board…


    Upside down, Upside down..


    BTW mate, can’t see the banner in your siggy.

    EDIT: NM see it now – looks like its on and off though.


    Ok Dutchie, I give up. What the hell is that? And what is “upside down” code for?

    I do like his shoes though. He should give them back. He is a drawing board. They don’t even fit.


    I just laughed out loud SOOOO loud that the whole office looked at me… and the worst thing is that I could explain the whole ‘they dont even fit’ thing, but noone will understand my crazy humour :(

    Upside down – Ill let you figure that one out :)


    Oh you tease…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)