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PC hardware, what drives your business!

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    Alway enjoy building or buying new toys to run the biz, and other things. post your powerhouse setup or whatever it is that you use to create!

    Main PC

    iNtel Pentium duo Quad .45 nan 9540 proc
    4 gigs pc800 corsair ram
    2 mirrored 320 gig samsungs (raid 1)
    1 320 gig data drive
    Nvidia 260 overclocked (for when work becomes too much)
    22 inch widescreen Samsung


    IBM pT60p Nice little laptop with 15 inch widescreen and more than enough power to travel with.


    Lol.. fun topic..

    I work mainly with my laptop..

    Acer 8920G

    18,4″ widescreen
    T9300 intel 2.50 ghz
    4 gig memory
    2x 320 gig harddisk
    Vista Ultimate


    I finally tried vista ultimate on the new pc, has some really cool graphic features but just aint as snappy as the XP, had a few crashes so far but that may be due to the graphics drivers. Ill hold my oppinion of the Vista deal for a while yet.


    Vista Ultimate was preinstalled on the laptop, normally I clear a new computer from all programs and run my own install.. But this time I just kept it and have o say that I’m not dissapointed..

    Only got a bit of problems getting dreamweaver running, but it was because of one of those preinstalled programs.. After a day of shouting and googleing I managed to get it running.


    Being a computer idiot and technophobe, I just spent a day cursing my new computer with Vista – I can’t figure out how to import anything from my old XP unless I bring those two together in the same location, which is not possible for some time. So I am still cursing…. apparently you can’t just copy mails and favorites and addresses and install them on the new one. Grrrrrrrrrrr


    Since Microsoft makes money when new computers are sold, why do they make it so hard to transfer data? Lots of people use computers without knowing much about them and they will certainly postpone upgrading to Vista since all they hear is horror stories.


    Hey dom, I was able to import all the old mail over to the new outlook (full blown) and i copied and pasted the old favorites folder to the new one with no issue.

    If you have Q’s let me know

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)