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    hello Antoinette or Conrad .

    About 8-10 days ago conrad sent me an email telling me there was a problem with my payment as quicktender kept refusing it , i dont think this would happen as my QT account is in good standing , but MOST IMPORTANTly i have my payment preference set to wire not QT .

    Conrad i have replied to this email you sent me 4 times in the past few days but have not received a response from you , might be my mail is not getting thru , Can you please let me know whats going on with this

    My affid is 4885



    Hi L,

    We have sent your payment to you via Bank Wire to your account in
    Greece, you should recieve shortly.

    We initally had you down for QuickTender because all of our US based
    affiliates can only be paid via QuickTender. The account number that
    we had for you was incorrect and therefore was being rejected by
    QuickTender, if you are satisfied with us paying via Bank Wire to
    the account you have given us, we will forward all future commission
    payment to that account.

    I have been sending updates to your AOL account but all my mails are being rejected by AOL for some reason. Our techs are busy looking into it.


    Thanks Conrad , I figured it was a email problem , just that i did not hear back from you .

    Yes please send as wires .

    P.S. – I changed my email in the VP system to my gmail one , that should work .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)