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party taking the p**s

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    in-active fees that I am sure that other operators also have.

    I’m not aware of any other UK operating sportsbooks that have in-active fees. They would lose more from the negative PR than they would gain from the fees – which is why it doesnt make any sense.

    I appreciate that you are trying to defend Party here, but just becuase its policy it doesnt mean that you have to agree with it. And just because its hidden in the terms doesnt make it right either.

    I would suggest that your efforts would be better spent communicating back that this is upsetting affiliates and potentially costing you huge business and push for change rather than trying to find ways to defend it as I dont think you will win that one with us!!!

    I agree that loads that Party do is great. But this is one thing that if removed would help us affiliates to send you more accounts.

    Dont Party also charge withdrawal fees on debit and credit cards? Something which I havent found any other UK sportsbook doing either. I know its in the terms but punters hate fees and if asked to pay any then they will quickly move on to a sportsbook that doesnt charge.

    Please take this as constructive feedback of how the program can be improved, users retained and negative PR decreased rather than criticism that needs to be defended.


    You know I totally hear what you are saying Richard about playing there. I use to be a die hard Party player and bet big in casino and on tables but after winning a huge jackpot winning came to a screaching halt as did any bonuses/comps.

    It was a shame because I really felt they had one of the best set up’s but when something like the above happens one does become suspect of the sudden loss of all wins when you take $1K or more to a slot or table. At the tables my skill set did not change but ability to win did and slots…well lets just say wins dried up faster than a spilt glass of water in the desert.

    I don’t seem to be able to convert anyone willing to sign up there either much anymore after the usa ban. I’d love to see things turn around there again and maybe they, like you said, did something to entice me and other players to return, could see the good days come back to Party.


    I know Party are working hard to improve the program. Removal of first time deposit fees and decreasing minimum first time deposit levels and subsequent minimum deposit levels.

    They are heading the right way and hopefully they will keep removing any barriers for would be bettors, repeat bettors.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)