optimizing conversion: links to new window or same window?

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    I would like to know how you all think about this question. Would it be better to point visitors to the casino sites using links that open the casino site in a new window (target=”_blank”) or would it be better to let the casino site open in the same window as your affiliate site is shown?

    I’m trying to optimize my site for conversion and I figured that this could be something that has quite some impact on conversion. Any people around here who have experimented with this and like to give their ideas on this?


    I think open in a new window is better, so you still have your site open and the users must not click back for many times, that’s really uncomfortable.


    NEW Window. if he clicks and he doesnt like the site he might close the browser rather than going back. AND you want him back…


    New windows. if he doesn’t like the contents in the new windows he just closes it. but the exisit windows are still open to browse. same windows means you lost the visitors.


    New windows to the casino

    Same windows to the other pages of your site.


    well im going to buck the trend here

    All mine are in the same window,

    1. i personally think hitting the back button (which most ppl can also do via the thumb mouse button) is just as easy and quick as hitting the red x at the top right

    2. I personally dont like new windows opening

    3. i would say a large % of new windows i open from other sites i use dont get opened as my google toolbar blocks the pop up (i ave alxea on my other pc and they block new windows also – so i sure most toolbars block alot of them) I also have “no” pop up blocker set on my norton.

    4. IE7 i have just read has inbuilt pop up blocker too and im sure alot of home users who use norton pop up blocker will have alot of new windows blocked (i know it says in small writing click ctrl when left click or something to open window – im sure alot of home users dont see that also)

    Well they are my humble reasons and they work well for me


    makes sense and if a user is a newbie they dont know how to disable all the popus! :(

    I may have to consider updating my sites soon to all pages load in same window.

    Darko you got a good point, one that may be costing us affiliates possible conversions.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)