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Opinions on effect of the Act?

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    I need to gather some general info and an overview on the impact on the bill on webmasters, I know some it hardly affected and others it crippled.

    In my instance the effect didn’t appear immediate as we target the poker market but by January things were dropping down a lot. I attributed this to US players not being able to withdraw and playing until their funds ran out, a huge part of our market being the USA.

    It seems to have eased off but I guestimate we are down about 40% of our income but things seem to be on the rise the last couple of months. I don’t expect to achieve the levels of success experienced previously.

    Any input appreciated!


    Online Gambling in America has totally changed. 1) People think it is illegal 2) It is very difficult to process.

    So the growth has been stunned, a little. I dont think many pre-uiega gamblers stopped though.

    This is not the time to get in the game as an affiliate in the American market.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)