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Open Letter

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    I´m trying this now, because I was completely ignored the last months and this is my last hope to get in contact with Referback.
    I hope it is ok to post here, if not, please feel free to remove it:

    Dear Referback,

    I would like to inform you, that I have removed any banner of the Belle Rock group from my website.

    During the last weeks, I experienced such a bad treatment from this group, that I will not be able any longer to promote the Belle Rock Casinos to my visitors.

    I have been a depositing player for years at River Belle Casino and was excited to receive an email saying that my account was credited with 50 free spins with the Loaded video slot.

    Well, these free spins never showed up, so I decided to contact the casino support to ask what happened with this promotion.

    All in all, I have sent four emails to the casino support, two with casino mail, one with the form at the website and one with my email client.

    Not only one of my mails was answered! How can a loyal customer be ignored that way?

    Deeply concerned and upset about the way these casinos are treating loyal customers, I wrote an email to in the hope of clearance.

    Guess what: They never answered too!

    Well, patient as I am, I wrote another two mails directly to my Referback affiliate manager, but, oh well, he did not reply too!

    I will neither accept such a treatment, nor will I ever promote casinos that act that way to my site visitors.

    All I want for now is, please close my affiliate account!

    Kind regards.


    the below is an e-mail I received today and it happens – people are off for a week or so – he also got married this year and took a few weeks off but could contact others in the meantime – I have been with them since late 1999 or early 2000 and always been taken care of, sometimes late maybe (don’t know otherwise as I am not a player) – also they are way to big to have complaints as too many webmasters carry them – so don’t know as unless this is a personal issue as to free spins? also I just call them toll free if it is impoortant.


    Hi xxxxxxxx
    Sorry about the delay but I was off the whole of last week with the
    dreaded flu. Back at work and feeling stronger!
    As always thanks for the link. I do pass these on to the powers that be
    and they are always sourcing and looking for alternative funding

    Have a great week and as usual just shout!

    Account Manager
    Tel: +27 21 528 9245
    Cell: +27 82 468 8621
    Toll-Free Telephone Numbers:
    1-877-915-4515 Canada
    0-800-028-9076 UK


    Thanks heathfield for your posting, hopefully my post will not be misunderstood, I really don´t care about any bonuses; the point that me makes upset is not to recieve any reply. I´m trying to get in contact with the casino since 04/23 and with referback since 05/09. This is disrespectful from my point of view. How can I advertise them with having such disappointing experiences?


    call them and raise hell – I would


    thanks for bringing this up VG.

    it is important (at least to me) that players are treated fairly and with respect. it seems both have been lacking in your situation.

    I’m sorry, but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for ignoring emails sent by players. if you can’t afford to get enough staff on the support team to address each and every letter sent in a timely fashion. then you’re not a program I care to promote.

    I’d love to hear an explanation for this


    Hi there Vegasguy,

    I am really sorry to hear about this… please can you forward me your query (send to until I can see the email address it was sent from I cannot check to see why this was not attended too.

    If in the same email you could forward your casino account I can contact someone at the casino as well and get you an answer for your casino query.

    I apologise for the delays and the inconvenience and will revert ASAP once I have your information.



    Hi Shane,
    Thank you for being the first one who replied for 6 weeks now. I´ve just send the mail.


    No problem VG – I’m on it for you.

    Please allow me till tomorrow (it being after 6pm here) to get you an answer.

    All the best,


    PS – please don’t hesitate to email me if you’re not getting the attention or service you need.


    Quick heads up – still no email VG!?!?!

    This could have been the problem all along :S

    Please also email to and I will pick it up from there if it doesn’t come through to


    Hmmm..weird…am I blocked anyways?

    Ok mail is sent again to the other addy.


    Casino Support: From the support email I sent you (via pm) you can see that the CSC did in fact respond to you on the 27th requesting the promo mail you received as confirmation with a guarantee to credit your account as soon as they received it.

    This is a necessary security request with all the promo misuse prevalent online today.

    After explaining your situation and perceived lack of support they have offered to credit your account with 50 spins should you still wish to play.

    ReferBack Support: Here I have to thank you for bringing this to our attention, we found that the spam filter settings were to strict and that a few legitimate affiliate emails were being blocked.

    This is being corrected and all delayed emails will be attended to shortly.

    I hope that from both a casino and affiliate program perspective you are comfortable that this was not intentional neglect.

    I am however very sorry that you had a less than flattering experience and hope that you will continue to do business with us.



    Hi Shane,

    thank you very much for clearing the situation, I never recieved the answer mail from casino support that you have pm´d me.

    I would not have started this thread if I would have gotten any answer.

    With the hope of having better communications now, I will stay in business with referback and put the banners back online.


    Another satisfied customer ;)

    Seriously though I’m just glad I could help VG :)



    Shane, though I’m making so little money from RB on a regular basis I’ve basically given up .. you’re the first since JJ to stay on top of things and I give you credit for that.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)