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    It appears to me that Slotland has the only real money mobile casino games available to players from the USA.

    Can you verify that for me and indicate if there are any wireless providers that do or not allow these games.

    I also see that your Gross Revenue plan starts at 15% and is not reduced by “wins, losses, refunds or chargebacks.” Does a withdrawal count as a ‘refund’?


    Hi rmeeuwsen, I’ve reached out to Slotland to get their response here. Stand by for more info…


    What’s the very best mobile casino for USA ? Is NetEnt available in the states?


    @Flairmaster 244989 wrote:

    What’s the very best mobile casino for USA ? Is NetEnt available in the states?

    Not as far as I know.

    At this point it seems that Slotland is the only viable alternative.

    Wiki says 7.6% of USA smartphone users play mobile casino games (primarily for fun only).


    Howdy everyone,

    We’ve reached out to Slotland again, hoping to get you guys some definitive answers soon. Cheers!


    It’s really very nice starting with mobile …carry on guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi everyone!

    Slotland mobile games have a long history! Since 2005 Slotland has been offering Java version of selected games to most mobile phones that were on the market at that time. Unfortunately, as technology of mobile phones shifted from Java applications, new versions of these games are not being developed. Nevertheless, Slotland still does have players who play Java games on their old Nokia, Motorola phones and download them through WAP pages.

    However, the technology behind Slotland’s HTML games, that brought casino games to WebTV and MSNTV users in the ancient history now works on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. Players do not have to download any application, they play games directly in the web browser on their phone or tablet. No need to download any application = higher conversions and independence on wireless providers :-)

    Slotland Affiliates offer two commission plans – Net Revenue Share you all know and historically, Gross Revenue (since 1998). Commission is calculated simply as a percentage of the player’s deposits, no deduction for withdrawals, chargebacks, etc, it is really that simple. Affiliates do often ask us about this commission plan and they expect some extra conditions, but there are not any. Who can guess why this plan was introduced at that time? :-)

    I hope this info helps!

    Slotland Affiliates

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)