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    Create the authority site on the 2nd most played poker game online! is for sale. I am selling simply because I need the money. I have put some decent money into the site and it has some nice extra features. I just submitted a google sitemap so it will be indexed soon (It makes me sick that I wont be able to see any results of all my hard work!). Here are some of the features of the site:

    * Custom PHP template
    * Custom designed forum
    * Custom designed blog ……please view in IE
    * Newsletter with the build a build in email program that allows you to send newsletters to all subscribers at once.
    * 15 professionaly writen Omaha strategy articles writen by a seasoned Omaha poker player.
    * I have a programmer put together , that shows the active tables at Pacific Poker. This isn’t an rssfeed but it does update by itself and everything…not really sure what it is.
    * My site reviews were professionaly writen as well.
    * 5 professionaly writen articles designed with article submission in mind. ( I have not submitted yet)

    I purchased 2 link packages from members here and I just sent the link details so they should be up soon, here is more info:

    * $120 link package from DueceAce..I can get details if you like.
    * The $80 package from LadyHoldem..see this thread for info

    There site has two clitches that I’m not skilled enough to fix. The blog’s background doesnt show up on FF but looks good on IE and for some reason when I added a 301 (non-www to www) the forum stops fuctioning. When I take that out of htaccess everything works fine again. I am sure these are both simple things to fix but I figured I would let everyone know.

    I have not done any link exchanging yet and the site comes with no commitiments. I did a lot of research on the Omaha niche and found that it shouldnt be very hard to place very well in the serps for most Omaha keywords. The omaha niche is dominated by “how to play omaha, Omaha rules….ect) pages on general poker portals. There are very few sites devoted to Omaha poker.

    If you would like any other info or have any questions feel free to PM me.

    Anyone interested in buying please do not ask me how much….just send
    a pm with an offer



    Since I want this sale to happen asap, I am going to make the deal even sweeter. I will write 2 quality articles, of on the topics of your choice, per week for the 1st 3 months. That equals 24 pages of content…and you know what they say about content hehe.

    I also think after the site gets some PR, the owner can make good money on selling links….maybe make a “other games” section and post some holdem strategy articles…then sell links inside the articles to other sites. Just an idea.

    Also, some people have had concerns about .php, like I said, im not very techy but its not a true php site. The template is php, the pages are made the same as html. It is very simple to work with and you dont have to know anything about coding and or setting up all kinds of databases.


    I have created a sitepoint auction:


    It has been online for less then 3 weeks and has $0 revenue and you want $2000 minimum for it?????????? Zero PR and backlinks too. You probably need to rethink your selling price if you really want to sell it.


    Thank you for your input but the design+content+extra features are gives the site it’s value. I also spent $200 on ads. I have recieved an offer for $2,000 already and Im hoping the auction gets it up around 3k. Basically the site only needs to be promoted….links.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)