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November Payment ???

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    Hey its December 28th and I still dont have a payment in my Neteller account! I thought last week you had said payments were on the way! :beatup:

    This really needs to be improved upon and the powers that be have to step up and take responsibility for it and STOP passing the buck !! (accept ours or course hah!) :popcorn:

    I think I can be so bold as to speak for everyone when I say we want timely payments! :fencing:


    wow are you serious! That is bad!


    Here Here!

    We want timely Payments!

    Jacques our commissions are the exact same thing and every bit as imporatant as the paycheck’s the casino issues to their staff. I have a feeling everyone would quit if they were given their paychecks weeks late. Refering to the terms and conditions is fine, but it doesnt excuse such tardy payment of our commissions.

    Please relay this to the casinos. They are damaging relationships with their affiliate sales team by being consistently late in paying us.

    EVERY other Microgaming partner pays us BY the 15th of the month NOT after the 15th. There really is no good reason for this behavior other then a disregard for your affiliate partners.


    Just got mine this morning

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)