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    Hi All,

    A quick, yet very important note to all affiliates.

    We would like to ensure that payments for November commissions are paid out as soon as possible, with the emphasis of having payments sent and received before Christmas.

    One of the big hurdles we face here at Vegas Affiliates is that we often run into problems with some payments due to either incorrect details or the selection of an option that is not allowed for a specific country (eg. Neteller for US affiliates).

    To speed things up, and to ensure that we achieve our goal of having all our affiliates paid before Christmas, we would like to appeal to all: please check the payment option you have selected, and ensure that all required information that has been provided is accurate. It will certainly reduce the time spent on trying to get this information at a later date.

    Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to help as best we can.

    We at Vegas Affiliates would like to take this opportunity to thank all our affiliates for their hard work and sterling efforts this past year, through the good times and the bad. Thank you for your support and your patience and understanding when things were not going too well. We really appreciate it.


    Kamiel Mahomed
    Affiliate Program Manager

    Vegas Affiliates


    I would like to thank you for your efforts too. There has clearly been a 360 made with payments and it’s nice to be able to count on them being made within the month that they are due. I also think your one of the most honest programs around regarding affiliate conversions, all in all your really doing a nice job improving your program and I recommend all affiliates look at your program, especially if they want to enjoy getting paid on all players instead of a just a fraction of them. Thanks again.


    @Bonusgeek 147121 wrote:

    especially if they want to enjoy getting paid on all players instead of a just a fraction of them. Thanks again.

    I will reconsider this affiliate program


    Thank you kamiel, with your effort, VA payment is becoming normal as before. I appreciate your hard work. look forward to a fortune 2008 to VA, to me and to all of CAP.


    Same here good to hear.


    Ditto! I’m so happy to know that one of my top programs is back on track with stats and regular payments.

    Thanks Kamiel! :)


    I have still not recieved my earnings from the month of NOV…

    When will you send the Nov earnings ?


    I received my November earnings on December 13.


    Hi Kamiel,

    Can you please send me my earnings from the month of Nov ?


    They have now looked at my file and apparently for some error
    the payment wasn’t processed.

    They will send the money as soon as possible.

    Thanks Massimiliano Rossi

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)