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Not Entirely New, But Definitely Improved!

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    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lawrence Wilson and, as from today, I will be managing the affiliate programs for Vegas Frontier Casino and Mighty Slots Casino.

    Whilst the programs have been around for a while, we view this change of management as something of a relaunch. Why? Well, it affords new and existing affiliates to revive their marketing efforts and maximize their earning potential. Just as a brand new casino affiliate program generates excitement, this relaunch will aim to do the same.

    Our primary goal is to transform the Vegas Frontier Casino and Mighty Slots Casino affiliate programs into businesses that are truly competitive in the marketplace. We want to help you make as much money as possible, because only then will we all succeed.

    What does this mean for you? Well, I am happy to say that you should benefit dramatically. Take a look at where you’ll be scoring:

    RTG casino software
    Producer of one of the largest and most popular gaming platforms in the world, Real Time Gaming is constantly at the forefront of online gaming technology. A wide variety of the most popular casino games, as well as a range of exciting progressive jackpots, make Vegas Frontier Casino and Mighty Slots Casino well worth marketing.

    Reliable, accurate tracking systems
    The Vegas Frontier Casino and Mighty Slots Casino affiliate programs possess one of the industry’s most reliable and accurate tracking systems, making it easy for affiliates to track the performance of their campaigns. Statistics are updated as close to real-time as possible, and include all the vital data necessary to make smart, educated decisions.

    35% lifetime commission
    Unlike many other affiliate programs that operate on a tiered commission system, the Vegas Frontier Casino and Mighty Slots Casino affiliate programs give affiliates maximum commission from the minute they sign up. All affiliates earn a generous 35% of the net revenue generated by players referred to the casinos via their affiliate tags, for the entire lifetime of the player! And don’t forget that we do not carry over negative balances from month to month.

    Dedicated affiliate support
    With personnel committed to helping you making the most of your marketing efforts, you’ll know you’re in good hands. The affiliate team is here to look after your every affiliate need. If you need new banners, some advice on where and what to market, or some in-depth analysis of your stats, all you have to do is contact us. We are here solely to improve your business, because the casino only wins when you win.

    Wide variety of effective marketing tools
    Effective marketing is pretty difficult without the proper tools. The Vegas Frontier Casino and Mighty Slots Casino affiliate programs recognize and understand this, so expect a wide variety of powerful marketing tools to be made available to you. Be it banners, links, mailers or great content… we’ll have it all. If you require something a little more tailor-made, just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

    There is no reason for you not to give us a try. If you do, you can be sure that we’ll do our utmost to help you succeed. Go on then, sign up!

    To register for one, or both, of these affiliate programs, please follow the links below:

    Vegas Frontier Casino
    Mighty Slots Casino

    For more information on the affiliate programs, and how we can help you maximize your marketing efforts, please e-mail me at or

    Looking forward to forging long and profitable relationships with all of you…

    Lawrence Wilson
    Affiliate Manager
    Vegas Frontier Casino / Mighty Slots Casino

    E-Mail: /


    Maybe your group of casinos have improved, I don’t know. My own personal opinion RTG gaming is becoming harder and harde to promote. Here’s the article:

    Online Casino News
    Thursday, October 06, 2005 WARREN CLOUD: “Crystal Gaming” casino group to float, but a very poor investment
    It recently came to public attention at Casinomeister that the Warren Cloud casino group is to be floated on the United Kingdom AIM – the “Alternative Investment Market”.

    This is an investment I heartily do NOT recommend.

    1) The technique this group uses to elicit deposits any winnings from which are essentially non-payable is evidence of extremely unethical management; this alone should be enough to discourage potential investors from getting involved – read the full details in my Warren Cloud article of a few months ago.

    Nothing has changed in this regard: promotional deposits are still being elicited for casinos at which the email recipients are NOT entitled to receive promotions – I receive up to ten such emails myself every week, none of which I’m entitled to because I have ONE locked casino account (High Rollers’ Lounge) out of the entire group.

    This is unequivocal evidence of unethical, rogueish behaviour.

    Investments in unethical, rogueish operations are bad investments.

    2) Investment in untrustworthy operations is not only against the investors’ interests, it doesn’t help the players, either – because the fact that a casino has a listing on the Alternative Investment Market does not make it more pubically responsive.

    Two years ago, Angelciti spent fully six months embroiled in controversey over disputed winnings – read the LONG discussion in the Angelciti thread at Winneronline. The fact of Angelciti’s public listing did NOT help in the slightest. In fact, I believe that the apparent respectability Angelciti felt their public listing gave them PROLONGED the issue.

    My guess is that the Warren Cloud casino group float will have the same outcome: the casino will NOT be more publically responsive, and the ostensible respectability gained will not make dispute resolution any easier.

    This is potentially disadvantageous for both prospective investors and players.

    A investment in the Warren Cloud “Crystal Gaming” casino group is one I do NOT recommend.

    This article came up on searching for Vegas Frontier Casino rogue


    Thanks for the comments, greek39…

    Managing the affiliate programs as a third party, I cannot speak for the casino operators, nor can I comment on their motives, business practises or philosophies.

    All I can do is ask affiliates, new and existing, to allow me the chance to prove that these affiliate programs can work. If I didn’t feel that there was potential to succeed, believe me, I would not be here :)

    Being independent of the casino operation will allow us (program management AND affiliates) to become more and more influential on the direction the casinos take. It appears to me that the affiliate programs were largely left to their own devices previously, which most likely accounts for the relative lack of popularity and credibility amongst affiliates. The operator’s decision to move the affiliate program management to an external party is a clear signal of intent – an intent to get these affiliate programs to a level where huge commission checks are the norm.

    I am a huge fan of affiliate marketing, and truly believe that a strong program is absolutely crucial to the sustainable success of an online casino (in fact, any online business). For this type of marketing to work, you need affiliates (duh!), as well as a dedicated setup geared to servicing these affiliates and helping them to make the most of the opportunities available.

    Bottom line… I need you guys to help me make these programs work. Without affiliates, there is no affiliate program. Simple as that.

    I appreciate that the past cannot be completely erased, but reputations are temporary, and can be changed through positive attitudes, hard work, and doing the basics properly. That is what I am here to do… with your help :)


    I was seconds away of joining your affiliate program but changed my mind based on the research i did. I am fustrated over the fact I have only a handful of RTG casinos to promote. In my opinion, the player comes first. So If I had a player have a legitimate bad experience at one of your casinos I would feel terrible first, then worry about my reputation later. I have literally spent thousands testing and evaluating casinos over the last year and believe me there are some rotten ones out there. I was once told by a RTG casino manger “were not in the business of giving away money” and this was for a real cash out.

    What can you do to improve? put the emphasis on the player not on the bottom line. Happy players makes everybody happy including the affiliates you are trying to attain. Speak with the people who have listed your sites a rogue. Find out what the problem is. In my opinion I am happy when my player is happy regardless of commissions.

    Your are a third party in all of this and can’t influence the owners of these casinos, unfortunate. Without casino owners listening to what people have to say is their own mistake. Most of the time the casino just dies. Its sort of a catch 22 situation.

    In conclusion, sure your affiliate program can work, but at what cost? I send customers to these casinos only to be abused and raked for their hard earnned money. I am sorry, I cannot support it based on moral grounds. greek39


    I couldn’t agree more, greek39, and I’m really glad you feel that way. Obviously affiliates need money, otherwise marketing casinos wouldn’t be a viable business, but ultimately the customer is king. The players are absolutely critical to a casino’s success, and treating them fairly is all-important.

    Affiliates tend to have a big say in the treatment of players, particularly if a large portion of a casino’s business stems from this form of marketing. And this may put us in a bit of a catch-22 situation. I want to make affiliates so important to the future profitability of Vegas Frontier and Mighty Slots, that the operators will have no choice but to listen to what we all have to say.

    This might be idealistic, but I really believe that this will happen. And, whilst the affiliate programs are under my guidance, I commit to doing what I can to ensure that players, affiliates and the business as a whole are all treated fairly and with the respect they deserve. This is a multi-faceted industry, with a number of important parties. Sometimes it’s difficult to make everyone happy all of the time, but I’m going to do my best to make this a reality!

    If you’re in two minds, I’d urge you to at least give us a chance. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    If you choose not to market these casinos, then I will not stand in your way. Never. The choice is completely yours.


    I am an affiliate who has crystal casinos listed as EVIL. I warn players to stay away. The reason is simply because they steal winnings from players. An affiliate with an active membership cannot risk their reputation on this type of scamming casino operator.

    The bottom line is that these casinos actively try to cheat and fool players. I cannot believe that they are still in business. No player wants to play at a casino where if they lose, they lose and if they win, they lose. It should be common sense.


    While we all like to believe in the concept of redemption or change, I have found it seldom occurs in real life for any extended period. Leopards cant lose their spots. Business people who have been dishonest in the past are almost always dishonest in the future even if they appear to be trying to put a good face on at present.

    Lawrence I like you personally and will allow discussions to continue, but I would not recommend your clients to our affiliates. There are far too many honest operators available to promote and I dont think its prudent to expose your players to a casino group that maybe/might not be as crooked now as they always were in the past.

    Sorry to be blunt mate, but I hope you move on to an honest group where we can all feel good about working with you.


    Hi everyone,

    As usual, thank you for your comments. I feel like I’m repeating myself here, so apologies if I come across as a stuck record, but I really do feel that positive changes to the affiliate program will trickle through to the casino. As far as the operator’s reputation goes, I truthfully cannot say whether they are “good” or “bad”, so I will only form an opinion once I can say for sure what’s going on.

    That said, I cannot change your opinions and/or past experiences. Perhaps growing up and living in South Africa has led me to be more optimistic than most, but that’s just how I am. I sincerely wouldn’t be doing this, if I wasn’t going to try and make a difference :)

    As mentioned in a prior post, I will not attempt to strongarm you into marketing a product you do not have faith in. Rather, I will try to right any wrongs with existing affiliates (which I’m aleady in the process of doing), and let my performance speak for itself.

    Perhaps leopards can’t lose their spots, but ugly ducklings can grow into beautiful swans!


    Hi Lawrence,

    I hope you are well.

    I agree with the professor here – I hope very much to see you working for a more reputable group.

    The casinos need to clean up their act first. Then we can talk promotion. And it takes time to mop up a big mess and assure people that it will not recur.


    Warren Cloud had 5 or 6 casinos that I know of. They all changed their casino names at the same time and tried passing them off as new casinos. I feel that they were leopards trying to camouflage their spots.

    All of the casinos had a bad name. So they change the name instead of cleaning up their act.


    Hey Kidd! :wavey:

    Good to see you! I thought you had been Kidd-napped or changed industries on us. Dont be a stranger.


    Hi Lou.

    I’m in here lurking every morning. I only post when I have something to say.:bigsmile:


    This just came in my inbox.

    Hi there,

    You may have noticed something changed on the Vegas Frontier Casino website this past weekend. In fact, it’s a little more than a website update – it now has a new name and a new website URL! That’s right, Vegas Frontier Casino is now called Real Vegas Online.

    So, why the sudden change, you may be asking? Well, without getting into too much detail, there has been some debate over the rights of the name, Vegas Frontier. Casino management, not wanting to become involved in a lengthy legal battle, has chosen to err on the side of caution and utilize another name for the casino.

    This was a sudden, unplanned decision, which needed immediate action, hence the lack of communication in this regard. I apologize for this, but trust that you understand the reasons behind this.

    Well, when all’s been said and done, how is it going to affect the casino, and more immediately, you? I’m happy to say that it is not going to have as big an impact as you may think. In fact, the casino operation will remain exactly as it was – this is a name change only.

    1. The Vegas Frontier Casino website,, has now been redirected to
    2. Your Vegas Frontier affiliate links will function and track perfectly well for the time being. We are waiting on new creative, and will notify you as soon as this is up and live.

    And that’s all there is to it, really. There is no need to get worried about this change – in actual fact, I believe it will provide you with something new to market, and may even boost your performance :)

    If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my new e-mail address,

    Kind regards,
    Lawrence Wilson
    Affiliate Manager
    Real Vegas Online


    Same old Same old

    Atleast they have put the sister casinos in the terms, but they are still sending out offers to barred players.

    joeyl wrote:
    Same old Same old

    Atleast they have put the sister casinos in the terms, but they are still sending out offers to barred players.

    That is precisely why they are listed as EVIL on my site. It is not reasonable for them to send out promotions to players they have banned. They do not inform these players that they have been banned. They simply ban them, don’t inform them, swamp them with promotions, keep the money if the player loses and keep the money if the player wins. It is a disgusting practice that causes a lot of discontentment among players and affiliates like myself before I wised up to this process and put them on the EVIL list.
    Simply stated this is a scam that the casinos actively use to make money. How could anyone want to promote this? This is exactly the type of reason that there is still skepticism about online gambling among people and why it is sometimes hard to get people to deposit money into a casino… lack of trust. Which everyone should have with this group.

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