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    Nice shirt J :rockband:



    J. Todd

    Is the APCW newsletter still getting sent out? That’s where I usually get first look at the videos to post. I haven’t received the past few emails if so?


    Hey hoursurfer

    I received one on Monday so maybe yours is ending up in your spam?


    Great vid once again JT.
    It’s the only thing that makes me look forward to the dreadful freezing cold monday mornings :)


    Hello J, nice show as usual. I’ve been away from CAP for a while, but I was shocked all to hell to find you all the way at the bottom of the page. Did you piss off Cappy? lol Keep it up.


    WTF was my first reaction too…especially since I noticed I was the only person to post a week after the vide came out last week.

    Hope moving to the bottom isn’t going to one day result in you guys magically disappearing. Not sure what the motivation is for moving you guys to the bottom but in my opinion I think what you have to offer should be closer to the top so that at least affiliates new to the industry don’t miss it.
    You guys are doing great things and keeping people informed.




    I have always been an outlaw of sorts. but i’ve never crossed the line. i’ve never hurt anbody….. including law enforcement. they …. I understand …. are doing their job and doing what they think are right … for the most of them.

    I have always acted from a moral standpoint and not what greedy govt officials make law.

    we have kinship …..

    to quote ….. somebody….. “you go girl!”

    I very much admire you and your ambitions. this was one of the best I’ve heard.

    You are in my prayers that you stay …. out of trouble and in the game.

    my hero. seriously. I know and realize the risks involved for you.

    stay a step ahead my friend!

    in these days of forced conformation ……. you are a star to hang one’s hopes on.

    I wish more ….. had the INTEGRITY to step up. I wish the best and wish I had more presence to help.



    Steve, my friend…

    Wow… what does one say after that… it’s humbling. Thank you, you’re very kind… most likely way too kind.

    I am at the front lines of the fight… in the trenches… but I have chosen to be here. I hope that if my time comes, I have the courage to follow through with whatever I need to do… whatever is thrown my way.

    Some times things need to be said, or need to be done. Whether I like it or not this is the hand I’ve been dealt for now… it’s my blessing and my curse. I long for the days when I made a comfortable living and was just another faceless webmaster on the net. I pray for the days when things can return to some normalcy.

    I don’t post too much anymore… my life already has too much drama to participate in the politics that are an utter waste of time. But I am watching… I am reading… I am concerned for you all… and I do care. I choose, however, to try to keep to the “high road” through all of this… no matter if it’s the Fed’s coming after me, the state gambling commission, or people I trusted as partners and friends.

    Thank you all… Your “Cellar Dweller” and friend…


    I was also wondering what was going on with you Thanks for the update
    Keep the “high road” Bro

    @bb1webs 131668 wrote:

    I very much admire you and your ambitions. this was one of the best I’ve heard.

    Ditto BB1




    @Professor 130456 wrote:

    APCW is still here at CAP. The fight goes on.

    We are consolidating and rearanging forums as we currently have too many to scroll thru. Guest forum areas were moved down to chat area.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)