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New Private CAP Moderators section added

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    Ok mods we have a private area here at CAP for discussions between moderators only. This is a secure area and what you see or post here remains private. Do not discuss anything you see here with anyone who is NOT a CAP Moderator.

    If you have issues with a member post them here so we can all monitor the situation and work out a solution.

    I am also going to make an announcement to you guys later about a Moderator of the week program we are starting where you will earn cash awards for being proactive and stimulating meaningful conversations in your area.

    Any ideas you have on what we can do to make CAP better or more useful will also be greatly appreciated and we are going to set a cash reward program for that as well. If your idea gets implemented you get paid!

    Thanks for your support guys, you are making CAP a bedtter place for all and I am sure the community appreciates your efforts.



    That is awesome Professor! I’m glad I found this section today, I guess I need to look around the site a little more carefully. :D hehe

    EDIT: Duh, I now see that the title says “new”.


    Place looks great Lou :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)