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New – Need guidance on "private label" affiliate programs.

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    Hello EveryOne,

    We have collected almost 100 domains for gambling/betting/lotto industry over the last 5 years but never used them constructively due to some bad times that we had to go thru due to stock market meltdown. We are now analysing the “private label” affiliate programs which offer good overall commission (1st and 2nd tier), do not cost to join, and really are honest. The intention is to build the brand names and keep the players for long term.

    Following is the e-mail that we have put together and sent to few casinos/affiliate programs just yesterday and asked them these questions. We got couple of responses and are waiting for more responses before making any decision who to go with.

    Please let us know if you know any program that suits the following questions as you are all very experienced in this industry.

    E-mail copy:

    We have about 100 good domain names (about 90 related to casinos/lotto and 10 to sports betting). Currently we are evaluating the different type of “private label” affiliate programs available on the web.

    Some of our domains are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

    There are many more good quality lotto, casino, and betting domains.

    Please answer my following questions to help decide the best affiliate program for us:

    1. Do you provide a “private label” fully functional casino site? Is this site free to the affiliates?

    2. Do you also provide free hosting (host on your own servers) for the “private label” affiliates sites?

    3. How do you compare your affiliate program to the competition? How long have you been operating your program? How many affiliates do you currently have?

    4. Do you carry over the losses (if a player wins big thus leaving the affiliate account in loss) to the next month and so on? Most affiliate programs do not carry over the negative amounts forward, do you?

    5. Which gaming software do you use? How many games do you have? Do you also have sports betting and bingo etc.?
    6. Is there any hidden charge to join the program? Is there any potential liability if we join your program?

    7. Does the affiliate have his players for life or for a limited time only?
    8. What is you exact commission structure? What fees are deducted out of this commission? Do you have a tiered affiliate commission system such as 2nd, 3rd, tier etc.?

    9. Do we need to have a registered company in order to become an affiliate?

    10. Any other great feature about your program that you would like to tell that sets you apart from the competition?

    I would really appreciate your answers and help. Thanks in advance.

    We look forward to your response.

    Thanks a lot for your help and advice.


    Rick Kumar


    I have not yet set up an affiate program. For that matter I am still talking with differnt software companies and do not have a casino up. Right know I am affiliated with windows casino. They have always paid and have a two tier program. On the down side they have done some shady thing with there own advertising. I hope to have my own casino up in a month or two so if you are still looking then let my know. I plan to give 35% to 45% commisions. as fare as giving away privite lable affiliate site, I have already signed 5 affiliate for win I go live but these are affiliate that will make my at least a few thousand a week from the get go. All affilate site that I sell will be at cost and affiliate that have good traffic will recieve free site. If you like you can contact me at


    Thanks for your response.

    Once you set up your casino, let me know and I will take a look.

    Re: paying for “private label” affiliate site or hosting of site, as you know we have almost 100 sites to build, so even if there is a small price per site, it is going to be a huge expense for us. So thats the very reason we are looking for free site/hosting from a company that really want to encourage “private label” affiliate sites. We want this company to be very reputable, honest, and never compete with their affiliate partners. This way them, as well as affiliates will have great success in the long term. In our case, our plan is to have dedicated SEO specialist just working on promoting our sites all over the internet using every possible legal method.

    Thanks again for your response, and let me know when your casino is up and running.



    you might wanna checkout the gambling federation,s program.
    35%/65% commision, your own free website, promotional tools, etc.

    do me a favor and sign up for this program at my site;

    good luck



    Thanks for response.

    I have checked the G-FED program about 2 weeks ago but after I became member using one of my domain I got stuck.

    I never received any welcome e-mail. I sent them many e-mail (atleast 4) over few days period before I got response to one and my questions were not answered fully. And I again asked for help about 5 days ago but got no response.

    I still need to know how:

    I take the site for my above domain ( I used their style 1 template ) and make it appear as a direct browser type in site like any other site that has its own domain name? For example I can type the url of your site into the browser and go to your site. So what did you do to get it working? This is all I wanted to know from them?

    Also please tell me if you are hosting your own site on your server?

    How many total games do they have?

    Do they ahve most of the popular games?

    Are the games all download type or no download type?



    First of all, have you signed up the right way?
    Did you fill in your “casino name” in the template right under the “style 1” button you’ve chosen and just before the preview button?
    Here is how it works step by step:
    -First login to your account and than klik “Update info” (right next to “Earnings”).
    -There you have to look if you’ve filled in the two questions:
    1. URL to your website or page.
    2. your own casino name.
    If you’ve done that, you can click on the “preview” button and you see the website appear with your name on it.
    If after this procedure it still does’nt work, i suggest you try a new “sign up” in the members page, and please make sure you fill in your “casino name” excactly the way you want it to appear on your website, for example with showcase letters? And just create a new account this way.
    I hope you can do something with this information, if however you may not?
    Please feel free to contact me again.

    Regards Remco.


    Thanks for response.

    In fact I did exactly the same and I was able to preview my casino.

    Then how do you make it look like a stand alone website on the internet (just like your site) where any one who types your domain in the browser can come to your site. Do you have to host it somewhere else?

    What do I need to do to have it set up like this.



    Hello Rick Umar!

    When you login at the members page you come into your account, there at the top-left you see your partner ID: number. With this number you can go to your created website, just type: partner ID nr./S3/index.php
    Please note: This URL is case sensitive!!!
    So your created website already exists on the internet, but is still on their server. You can promote your website this way, but your domainname will not appear in the URL like this.
    If you want your website on your own domainname, you have to save all the pages from your “created website” to your harddisc and then “upload” them to the “webspace” of your chosen server.
    Yes you have to host it somewhere else, just rent a webspace somewhere, where you then register your domainname.
    Then when visitors type in your domainname, they enter your website, but whem they click on a subpage the URL will change to: partner ID nr./S3/Index.php

    Technically this is not a problem, however i’m still working on this myself because i don’t like this either.
    As you’ve probably seen today on my website, it looks like my domainname is on every page but it is actually a frame to mask the g-fed url’s.
    But this causes some other problems, so i’m still working on this myself right now.
    I hope to come up with a solution in the next 24 hours.
    P.S. I’ll keep you posted!!!

    Regards Remco.

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