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New conversion tools for Gold Mobile Casino

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    Great news for Gold Mobile Casino affiliates! Gold Mobile has recently launched several new software upgrades that have dramatically improved our ability to convert potential players into paying customers, helping our affiliates to earn more in the short term, and the long term.

    1) Additional Phones Supported
    We have recently upgraded our games software to support 160 additional mobile handsets. In total Gold Mobile Casino supports 300 models. This wide coverage is improving dramatically our acquisitions of new mobile players.

    2) Custom Messages:
    Gold Mobile Casino has launched a powerful new instant messaging tool, which allows us to reach any individual player (or any specified group of players) while playing or navigating between menus, to announce about special real money bonuses, happy hour, updates, new game versions, etc. This feature provides a strong hassle free interactive channel with no dependency on SMS sending.

    3) Individual bonuses:
    A new powerful feature that gives the ability of pushing real money bonus to any individual player’s account or any specified group of players’ accounts. This feature helps converting fun players to real money players and encourages players to deposit more frequently.

    If you are not yet a Gold Mobile Casino affiliate, but you’d like to learn more, you can write to or visit

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)