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New! CAP Money – Cash in Weekly!!! Open to all members.

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    Congrats to all the Winners so far!


    Congrats to both winners! Both worthy wins by far!

    This is definitely one of the most inspiring comps around on the forums. Cheers again CAP for being innovative, generous and supportive – and above all fun.


    Congratulations to this weeks winner and our first certified partner to take the prize….. Renee!!!

    Her thread Barrack Obama for Democrats is one of my favorites so far in the contest.

    Get active and post a great thread and YOU could be our next winner!


    Omg, i had no idea that the CAP community awareded my this prize!

    i was just at cap2 and was reading the publications, because i am not recieveing them every month, sometimes i do, sometimes i dont’,..and there it was!

    Thank you so much prof, and everyone else here. you have all helped so much, and i wish we could publish a nice long article about the spirit of this community, and how it has humbled me, and i only hope to repay the kindness to every single person here.

    thank yoiu



    Couldn’t have picked a better winner at a better time :) Gratz Pat :)


    This Week’s winner is bb1webs for the thread “Feedback on Rval casinos please: slotocash especially”

    Congratulations bb1webs! :hattip:


    Nathan is getting all payments sorted and they should be going out today via Paypal.


    It’s great honor to win !Thank you all.
    BTW, Professor ,I have PM you.


    OK everybody, after a period of reorganization, we’re back on track with CAP Money.

    This is how it works: Every week, the Prof picks a winner, someone who has made an excellent post right here on the CAP Forum. I then announce that winner in the weekly CAP Newsletter.

    You can see the newsletter every week here:

    On that page above, you can also sign up to get the newsletter delivered to your email inbox every week. I highly recommend it! We’ve been doing a LOT of work on the newsletter lately, and there’s a lot of info in there every week.

    Anyway, each week’s winner will receive a deposit to his or her Paypal account for $125. The winner will then get a message that looks like this:

    Dear YOUR NAME,

    Affiliate Media, Inc. has just sent you $125.00 USD with PayPal.

    Payment Details

    Amount: $125.00 USD
    Transaction date
    Transaction time

    To claim your payment, click here

    Don’t have a PayPal account?

    Sign-up is fast and free. With PayPal, you can pay online without sharing your financial information.

    You can also:
    – Send money to, or request money from, anyone with an email address in 190 countries and regions.

    – Shop at millions of online stores.

    PayPal is the fast, easy, and secure way to buy and sell things online.

    Already have a PayPal account?

    Affiliate Media, Inc. sent this payment to an address that isn’t linked to your PayPal account.
    Log in to PayPal to add this email address to your account: LINK


    This is important: The money will be coming from Affiliate Media, which is a company associated with CAP that does all our administrative/accounting work.

    Got any questions? Hit me up with a PM.

    Remember, there’s a winner every week! So keep those awesome Forum posts coming — it could be you next time!

    I’ll start announcing weekly winners right here every Wednesday. Stay tuned!


    I used to get two actually, and I haven’t gotten mine either Prof..


    This week’s CAP Money Winner is Shay-LuckyAcePartners, for the thread “Affiliates… What do you want to know when a program approaches you?”

    Check the thread out at

    Congrats Shay, and thanks for being active on the CAP Forum! We’ll issue your payment via PayPal this week; expect to receive an email when the payment has been received on your end (see below for what that email looks like).


    This week’s CAP Money Winner is Dcbonus, for the thread “Only $25 deposits on rival ???” Check it out here:

    Congratulations, and thanks for being active on the CAP Forum! We’ll issue your payment via PayPal no later than early next week. See below for details on what to expect.


    This week’s CAP Money winner is Bonustreak, for the thread “Grand Prive Casinos Stay OPEN!!!” at

    Congratulations Bonustreak, and thanks for being a CAP member. You’ll receive an email announcing your PayPal payment within the next few business days. See below for details on what to expect.


    How cool! Thanks so much this will buy a gift for one of my kids for X-Mas :santa2:


    Hey kids. We’ve got 2 weeks of CAP Money winners to report:

    Winner for Dec 10: Captain for the thread “Google Yahoo Gambling Lawsuit Dismissed
    Winner for Dec 17: cowboy for the thread “Googlewashing

    Congrats! You’ll be receiving a payment via Paypal from Affiliate Media, paid to whatever email you used to sign up for CAP. See below for more details on that message.

    CAP Money happens every Wednesday with the new newsletter, guys! Keep posting on the Forum and you may be next!

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 72 total)