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Neteller Withdraws…

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    I heard that the withdrawls will start on July 30th. This is the day you can start request your withdrawl.

    My personal feeling is if your not one of the first 1-2k requests, you might as well wait. If you go to Neteller and start getting the Server Busy error, you might as well wait a week, before requesting. You know they are going to be deluged at the start. My prediction is they will get 1-2k transactions out the door before they start having probs requiring people to wait weeks for their transfers to hit. The more problems the greater chance of your $$ being misplaced or whatnot. So if your not one of the first, just wait and see what happens. The last thing someone wants is to request a W/D then not getting it and waiting months while they do their psydo-investigation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)