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needing to vent

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    Hi all,

    I know this won’t sit well some .. but let me explain.

    I grew up in the country. As did my friend whom I’m writing this about.

    When we had an animal … pet of any kind that was injured to severely to be healed .. had grown so old it was no longer a kindness to let them suffer thru their days ….. it was a standard procedure that .. usually the father or the one closest to the animal ….. would come to that day where they had to do what was kindest for the animal … and always very hard on the person doing it.

    That is to take the animal out in the field and end its life using a rifle or shotgun.

    My friend recently had to do this with his 14 yr old dog and where he lives … is like a neighborhood but its houses set far apart in a heavily wooded area.

    anyway as he completes this act …. which is a kindness. A sherrif happened to be driving by and now he’s been charged with cruelty to animals and faces a year in jail.

    This guy is a vet, has suffered losing his fiance when a drunk driver going the wrong way on a 4 lane highway hit them head on killing her , paralyzing her sister and he was in the hospital for 9 months .. literally held together by pins and needles.

    I could go on. he’s had a really hard life and all of has been unbelievable situations that he didn’t bring on himself.

    but now this. I am in disbelief. He struggles with the death of his fiance and frankly is barely holding onto things, then suffers the grief of having to put down a dog he’d cared for …. for 14 years …..

    well thanks. I just needed to get it off my chest.


    Thats a bad situation. I don’t doubt his intent was to stop the dogs suffering, however I do question his tactics. Why not just take him to the vet and do it the right way. It’s not the 1800s where we put down our pets with a shotgun anymore. But it sounds like the guy just can’t catch a break. What are the odds of the sheriff driving by at the same time. Man!!! There has to be a reason why he is going through these terrible things, and when all is said and done I hope he is able to take with him the lessons he is meant to. Poor guy.


    That’s sad :( But I agree the method is just not kosher anymore – especially in a neighborhood, no matter how wooded.

    It sounds like th Police Officer is going overboard, but I am sure he will be cleared of all charges with a warning.


    Why not just take him to the vet and do it the right way

    well see our thinking is how would we want to go? to be taken to a strange place where you (if you’re animal especially) you can smell the sickness / death that comes with a vet clinic.

    you’re around people you don’t know ….

    personally …. I want to die at home in comfortable surrroundings and trust me .. a shotgun blast to the back of the head is ever as quick if not quicker than getting held down on a steel table, feeling the shot go into you ….

    the thing is … its all perspective. Personally I would choose dying at home and on top of that ….. the animal has no idea its coming

    one last thing another friend brought up … they still shoot horses that get broken legs don’t they? *I have no idea.


    btw: thanks friends for your caring enough to come in to this thread and feel my pain. You’re the best.


    My parents house has multiple dogs as well as a horse burried in the back of the field, this was quite normal 25 years ago but now we cant even discharge a firearm there. Truely sad what this place has come to.


    I am a firm believer in “death with Dignity” for animals and people. So what your friend did was totally acceptable to me. No one should allow an animal in a terminal state to needlessly suffer.

    I can understand the legal concerns with discharging a firearm and agree that its not a good idea in an urban setting, but in the country where there is little chance of an errant shot shot injuring the neighbors I think its ok and that should be legal also.

    In Florida we are a gun friendly state (I own more firearms then some small countries) so perhaps we take a broader view on this, but I think the deputy over reacted to the situation and your friend should NOT have been arrested.

    In Florida I have seen state troopers and deputies end the suffering of animals who were hit by cars and were obviously not going to survive. This was roadside in suburban areas as cars drove by, so I doubt your friend would have been harrassed like that here in the Sunshine state.


    Out here in the boonies, this is still commonly done.

    The alternative is to have the vet come to the house and administer a shot. This is also common, since large animal vets do travel, and in the boonies you are usually talking cows and horses.

    I had the vet come to my house to put down my suffering old pets also. I agree that taking a suffering animal to the vet is torturous for the poor guys, home is so much better, vet or no vet.

    There is a major problem here with a recent law that prohibits people from burying their horses on their property. It has resulted in the very inhumane practice of turning very ill and fragile animals out into the wilderness to die, so the disposal of the bodies doesn’t bancrupt the owners. It is expensive, and many country folk just can’t afford it.

    Some of these laws may be well intentioned, but they do cause unneccessary suffering.


    Far too often I hear the words “so and so has been charged with…[fill in the blank]”, and I’ll pause for a moment and think “damn, that’s bullshit”

    It seems strange that we can shoot deer, slit a cows throat, suffocate fish by the thousands, chop a chickens head off, but shoot a dog and you’re in deep man.

    Personally, I was raised in Montana and it was understood that if I wanted a dog than I would; raise the dog, bathe the dog, play with the dog, feed the dog, and if it became necessary… kill the dog. Harsh, but is their truly a humane way to kill.

    FYI: In many cases, dead animal carcasses, including euthanized cats and dogs are sent to rendering plants where they are…ahem… recycled. If you’re lucky, than you’re beloved pet will be sent to the pet cemetary (a big hole in the ground next to the landfill) or a bulk incinerator.


    @geoffvro 128698 wrote:

    FYI: In many cases, dead animal carcasses, including euthanized cats and dogs are sent to rendering plants where they are…ahem… recycled.

    This is true, and when the rendering plant comes to pick up your dead horse they also charge an arm and a leg to do so.

    Then they make soap for your face out of it and food for chickens and all sorts of animals.

    What was that movie – Soylent Green?

    There have been outbreaks of diseases with animals fed with the (rendered) remains of our dead (and often diseased) pets – including mad cow disease if I remember correctly.

    But giving your horse or pet a decent burial is illegal, unless, of course, you can pay for a plot in an animal graveyard.


    Sorry to hear about your friend and his losses. I hope that he will be able to get these charges dropped.

    My mom is a cat lover. She has… well… had 5 cats. A couple days ago she had to take one of them to the vet to get put down. It’s a tough thing for someone to do.

    Hopefully things will take a good turn for him in the near future.


    That kind of situation gets me very angry. When something is obviously putting an animal out of misery and the law gets involved sticking to legal procedures with out even looking more broadly at the case its disgusting. Your friend did nothing wrong I would equally have done the same. My heart goes out to him sometimes life can be hard!


    Hi again all,

    I was so upset about all this that I missed a big point.

    (i think ….. I only checked my first post) … but they live in redneck land and my friend is married to a black woman (who’s a nurse and just the sweetest gal you’d ever meet and I’m quite certain has been/is a real asset to her industry ..)

    but now I’ve had time to think about it … I’d bet my month’s earnings the reason that he was picked on is a racial reason behind this issue)

    I just can’t imagine out in the sticks like they are … that it isn’t common place for this to be done ….

    oh and here’s one more thing (this guy is really having a tough go) .. it turns out that they’re losing their house and he actually had two dogs one 11, the other 14 .. that there was no place for them to go with the dogs and he DID take the 11 yr old to the vet to have it put down but he said …. damn … I really couldn’t even afford that .. and flat out didn’t have the money to have the other one done that way.

    Under such strain and stress it probably just didn’t occur to him that the vet would have put them both down for the price of one …… then again I didn’t ask him .. perhaps he tried and was denied.

    well anyway thanks so much to you all for caring enough to check in and whether you agreed or not … is of no matter. Its the fact you cared enough to see what was bothering me so much .. and I very much appreciate your caring.


    @rob3786 128755 wrote:

    That kind of situation gets me very angry. When something is obviously putting an animal out of misery and the law gets involved sticking to legal procedures with out even looking more broadly at the case its disgusting. Your friend did nothing wrong I would equally have done the same. My heart goes out to him sometimes life can be hard!

    This is so true.I hate to say it but the World we live suc.Can I ask bb1webs what does a Nurse make in a Redneck State?I know I make a great income as a Nurse.I don’t think it’s a racial reason at all.when it comes to a professional Nurse and helps people to live people see it as a person of great use.I don’t care if your green,purple,black,white We all have trash in every race.People should get this racial &^%$ out of our lives.Stand by your friend this is what good friends do.Did you know you can count on one hand how many Best Friends you have.And he has you as one.



    I have no idea what she makes but she was injured at work (again don’t know the specifics) and the hospital wouldn’t take responsibility which is what put them is such a bind.

    actually I do think its racial. This is an area that’s probably 99% white and these are good ol’ boys. They saw a chance to hassle him/her legally and took it.

    I just can’t imagine that they don’t come across such methods for putting down an old animal quite often considering their location.

    She drives (or did) about an hour to get into the city where the hospital is located.

    I think she made a fairly decent living … but cannot say for certain .. but I would think any nursing job should pay …. well decent. *that said: its also a job many people would not do for any amount of money …

    thank you for you interest.

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