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My first Internet Site..comments?

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    @Tribun 129108 wrote:

    Hi Morty, if you have knowledge about online Casinos you will know that Oliver Curran’s outfits (Mightyslots etc.) are pretty much the lowest level any virtual gaming operator can get to. This man has cheated players out of an unbelievable amount of winnings, and webmasters who support any such behavior are no better in my book.
    I have no idea how people like Casino&Spel can sleep at night, unless they really have no idea about who they are advertising for.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but that is how it is.

    Hi Tribun, thank you, they will be removed. As will others who no longer service areas/players that they did when i first started this website. I have not had the time to really do any work on it since it went live in February, so now that I am back at it, I will clean it up as best i can. Cheers


    @alexross 129170 wrote:

    the site markup is bloated, there is very little content, semantic markup or anything for the search engines to index.. Images of text with no text equivalent don’t make matters any better either. Tables for layout is not ideal either…

    I suggest reading up on css, and seperating the content from the layout (css) and adding more quality keyword rich, text – as well as proper heading tags etc. this will help your seo efforts and make your site much more “indexable”


    Thanks Alex, I will get started on that right away. I appreciate your input.



    Hi Morty,

    Like it! The only thing I’d add is that in the right-hand column you mention ‘Online Casino’s’. There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in casinos. It’s plural so doesn’t need one. Sorry to be a bit pedantic, but I know it helps overall sometimes… good luck. LIke it!


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)