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My apologies

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    I thought I had set the email feature so that when there was a comment waiting I would get a notification.

    Sorry about that.

    Jment, I have responded to your question in an email. I appreciate your patience as with a skeleton crew around here and in our Caribbean offices, it is especially difficult to get things done :unhappy:

    With Connie leaving, the L&G merger, the new website and a bunch of other things changing around here, I can promise you folks some big things and that I will do my best to minimize the bumps along the way.

    Have a wonderful weekend and a healthy New Year.


    And Dom,

    you hit the nail on the head – most of the people are out of the office already until the 3rd.




    in this bussiness you should be 24/7 available for the people who make the money for you.
    I did send an email 2 days ago, no answer yet.
    You might loose me making money for you



    I have responded in an email to the account we have on file for you in the database.

    As for your comments, first, of course I would rather you not take your business elsewhere. I would hope that with the new software, new website and our reputation that you would find value in our program. But if you feel that you would get a better deal combined with better service elsewhere, I can’t stop you.

    As for your other notion that people need to be available 24/7, I respectfully disagree. While I am committed to the company and my affiliate partners, I also have a family outside the business. I work long hours, as evidenced by the fact that I am at the office for another 12 hour day over the holidays. I apologize if this seems like an overreaction, but I get my back up when people question my efforts and dedication.

    Again, I am working double time here to keep things as smooth as I possibly can.





    and sorry,

    i might have been overreacting also….
    thx for your email,
    i did send a reply,
    thx to CAP i could reach you,
    it is not an important thing about witch i wanted to contact you,
    but still……

    i wish you luck and strength
    (hoe zeg je “heil, zegen en voorspoed” in het engels?)
    in your turn-over

    you gave me confidence in your program now


    Hi Noah, thanks for your reply. As I mention to Conie before: Your terms” Once 90 days has passed and you have failed to send a new player, our system is set to automatically hold payment until we speak.” was unfair for affiliates, you can see that FA already removes this term from their site.

    Anyway Conie was promised to send me my earning on Nov, I already foward the mail to you.

    Thanks and Happy New Year to you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)