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more clicks than impressions?

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    If an affiliate program reports clicks bot not impressions how is that posible if i am only using banners?

    I have different profiles some report impressions and few clicks…

    other click and many fewer impressions.. some even 0 impressions.

    Just wondering how you would view that… maybe its is normal and the result of search spiders?



    There are a number of different explanations – here are a few I’ve heard :

    (1) the banner was cached in the user PC from a prior page display (perhaps even a previous visit) and so was not fetched from the server.

    (2) the banner space was clicked on before the HTML code executed to load the image from the server.

    (3) the user has advert images turned off on his/her browser.

    (4) if you pop to a new window then the user may have clicked multiple times – perhasp because of a load problem.

    All of them are potentially possible … and I could think of a few others depending on how much HTML you know, and how you track and market your tracking URLs.

    Stats are just a guide mate – if you tracked these things locally on your own site then you’d be closer to the truth. The internet is a complex place – and almost every user has a slightly different computer setup – meaning that many results are possible.


    tHanks Gooner,

    You put a lot of light into it. Now i feel relaxed. I was as the program i highly trust just was worried i may have done something wrong.

    Thanks again


    Mmm …
    Just remember it’s clicks and signups that count. Banner impressions are only useful for statstics to work out which banners are working best.

    Some of that stuff does sound a bit screwy – perhaps you’ve accidently mixed up the banner/click code … so you display one banner and a click wuold count as another banner ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)