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More Australian Stupidity

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    Was watching the early news this morning and an ad came on that I didn’t pay much attention to, until I heard the statement “ban betting exchanges”. Basically consisted of a bunch of high profile horse racing industry people, (including the most well known trainer in the country) saying it over and over. Obviously they are trying to protect their own industry (and the ways they can rig it) by trying to ban the online betting exchanges using the argument that it invites race fixing.

    Probably got government support in the background as well. They don’t want to see their gambling taxes being reduced.

    I thnk this follows on from the heated discussion the Spear witnessed in Melbourne a few weeks back.


    I think the Paramutuals are behind a good deal of the trouble we have in the states too.


    Yup, Jarvi, that’s the TABs trying to keep Betfair out of the picture.

    However, there should be no government intervention, as Betfair is perfectly willing to pay exactly the same taxes. But the governments would rather just deal with the TABs – you know, cronyism, nepotism, etc. and not deal with Betfair who is a complete outsider.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)