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Money orders? why can’t they use that?

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    Hi all,

    sitting here talking to my GF …. she says …. why can’t the casinos pay us via Money Orders?

    You know I couldn’t give a competent answer.

    anybody else chime in on this?

    Surely there is a reason they can’t … but for life of me …. I can’t think of it.


    My husband has been going to send out Money orders to some 15 people once a month for me.

    He first has to generate the envelopes, then go to the bank and spend some 1 1/2 hours getting checks of varying amounts printed, (which pisses the bank off but such is life), then match the checks to the envelopes and go to the post office.

    This is a small volume mailing of money orders, and he hates it and the bank hates it. The people getting the checks love it though. :)

    I am not sure about finding a bank to process huge numbers of money orders.


    Thanks Dom for the reply. Was beginning to think nobody would :)

    when I made this post …. I was like ….. have an answer for you in half an hour…

    well its much longer than that now lol.

    Okay… so ….. so far…. as I am understanding it ….. it IS possible.

    So sorry if its a hassle for the casinos…. you ….as I do …. both us know ….. is is also a hassle when you’re counting on a payment and it doesn’t come …. and our bills …. family.. don’t get addressed.

    Ya it might be a huge pain in the back side… but as i recall someone said a while back about the hassles of jumping from ewallet to ewallet …… may be the cost of doing biz in these times…..

    If we run out of options….. then this may be the cost that falls onto aff programs….

    because I for one …. won’t be sending traffic to some place that ain’t payin’ me … and I’m real sorry if they have to choose between getting any traffic from me …. or taking time to send me my payment via money order.

    Now there may be other reasons this won’t work… but if the only reason is because its too much hassle .. well I bet I can find a sponsor that won’t think it too much hassle.



    luv ya dear :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)