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MiniVegas Casino Group rogued by Casinomeister

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    Yikes!! :whoa: 🙁

    Casinos owned by the MiniVegas group include:

    Colosseum Casino
    Floridita Club Casino
    Grand Casino Venice
    Grand Hotel Casino
    Old Samurai Casino
    Royal Plaza Casino
    Vegas 7 Casino
    Vegas Country Casino
    Vegas Joker Casino
    Vegas Slot Casino


    That’s what happens when you keep geniune punters who made genuine errors deposit.


    double post:eh: opps


    We have not promoted these jokers heavy for over a year now, they are very unresponsive and we are lucky to get a commission check every 6 months. I am glad that the meister took this action, we cannot let these casino operators turn to this kind of behavior.:nono:


    Thanks for the update E!

    sigh… guess I’ll start taking down their links.

    Geez the stupidity of it all.

    A decent repuation allowed to be shot to hell over $50 stinkin’ dollars!

    Well Done to the rocket scientists who were behind this or that allowed this to happen by incompetent management practices.

    You know its not unbelievable to me that a situation like this comes up but what is totally baffling to me is when such instance is allowed to reach a point that CM is ignored when he spends his own valuable time to try and right a wrong that amounts to a lousy $50 – spread against the reputation of an entire casino network …. who by his own admission has over the last 6 years defended this group during the times when questions were raised about their credibility …. well for them to treat him this way is freakin’ outrageous and therefore as much as I need some variety to offer on my sites in terms of MGS … I have no choice but to take them down.

    I’m running out of credible casinos to offer …. Brightshare’s group do okay in respect to not having too many player complaints but is once again on the bubble with me due to poor performance (in respect to the exposure they get + the fact that they’re casinos should be doing better than any i list simply because of the jackpot wins I list (won at AllSlots) which are used as promotion tools and for other casinos (different groups) that I use the same methods … they seem to do very well using such an approach.

    For some reason I win more at Allslots therefore I have more jackpot pics to post … swinging the scales in their favor as looking as the best casino to play at since the logic of more of these jackpots are posted from there than anywhere else lends that appearance.

    Yet Brightshare seemingly finds a way to fall disappointly below expectations all too often … only making a decent showing on average about every other month.

    I keep telling myself to quit giving them “another chance” but heck I like the shit out of Lloyd and I like the casinos and they do produce but when I start thinking of where they SHOULD be at …

    sorry, thanks for letting me vent. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)