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May I ask a question?

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    In an effort to get things back to normal, I wanted to present a question to you that others want to know. Please know that I personally could careless as it’s not my business, but feel that the CPA has been quite fair in his take on the situation and seem to feel it’s important to know.

    Since I’m trying to calm things down as best I can I wanted to get you response to the following if you see fit. I hope it’s ok because I want to get to work and move past this crazy situation.


    And finally, the only thing that I STILL don’t see happening in that thread is the full disclosure of Effective Media relationships.I’m not talking about a place paying them a consulting fee to give a start up casino some advice.
    That’s OK, and not our business, IMO.
    The relationships we have a right to know about are those where Effective Media is actively engaged in the Day to running of an Affiliate Program.

    Lou, if you are reading this, just make these disclosures transparently.
    That will allow your friends, and foes too, the opportunity to make their own choices.

    That will also close the book on this Effective Media debacle and we can move forward from there.


    Please give Nick my direct line 407 781 1498 and ask him to give me a ring.

    The answer is the same thing we have always said (or reguritated as Webcaz says)

    We offer affiliate manager training or turn key solutions where we handle affiliate management on behalf of the program owner. We do have seasoned affiliate managers on staff and we welcome any new business who could use our services. If Nick or GIA refer a client our way we will be happy to pay him an agency fee. EMG is a consulting business. We dont hide that and we dont think there is anything wrong in offering those services. Many other businesses such as income access and cannaffco have been offering simiar services for years without all this scrutiny or grief. I think the reason we are subjected to this pummeling is because the static and smoke is coming from our competitors. People need to take that into consideration.


    Thanks for that Lou. :hattip:

    I really hope that he calls you so that we can move past this BS.


    Me too. This childish shit has to end so we can all get back to business.


    Please call me Lou. 314 – 330 – 7464

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)