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Magic jackpot spammer

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    I received this today:

    Magic Jackpot is one of today`s leading online casinos.
    As one of the oldest and most established online casino,
    Magic Jackpot caters not only to the serious seasoned gambler,
    but also to players new to the online gaming experience.
    Complete with over 85 games featuring state-of-the-art graphics,
    a knowledgeable and helpful 24/7 phone and live chat support team, fast payouts,
    and a payout rate of over 97%, Magic Jackpot is THE PLACE to be!

    Your $1000 Welcome Bonus is ready!

    I didn’t check out the landing page since I don’t want to catch a virus. If someone is confident enough in his PC security then by all means take a look!

    The way this url and text is set up reminds me of the hi-roller spam.


    Yeah, this is the same old spammers promoting ‘Hi Roller’, ‘Slotz City’, ’21 Magic’, and many more. Do not click any links that look like what you see below.

    And DEFINITELY do not click onto the casino unless you know what you are doing.


    I see, it’s the right honorable hi-roller. Are they Russians or where do these guys launch these spam waves from?


    lol the landing page looks like a casino and every single link on the page points to install.exe


    This really makes me lose my faith in humanity if there are a good bunch of people who will download and probably execute an install.exe which has been advertised to them via a SPAM email. Have these people learned nothing in the past couple of years?

    I.e. opening random .exe files is not good for your PC health?!


    Here’s a link to the original thread from almost a year ago, when they were targeting CPays. It took forever for them to take action against these rogue(?) affiliates.

    Here’s another, around the same time as the first.


    Thanks, Winbig. That was Mr Hi-Roller at his best. Hope this doesn’t become as big as the last wave of Spam for CPays (Aka the rogue casino group).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)