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Lottery Ticket Sales – All Scams?

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    Well i have a number of lottery sites where i provide results and run ads, that today are from google or other agency. I have never sold lottery ticket on my US sites, because it’s not legal. I’ve seen tons people selling tickets, including “” which i’ve mentioned here before as repeatedly ignore my requests to stop contacting me to push their site.

    I get dozens of emails a week about “You’ve won the Lotto” scams and a number about buying tickets online. We’ll i’ve now read the terms from several places and they all basically say “You aren’t going to ever get your ticket or prize”

    this is from TheLotter located at:

    6c. The participant does not violate any law or regulation as a result of the participation in the official lottery draws via this Site, or as a result of participation in any other activity proposed by this Site. In this context it will be stressed, that Players residing or present in any jurisdiction that prohibits participation in this Site or in any lottery shall not participate in the prohibited activity. The Site, its agents and anyone on their behalf make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the lawfulness of any person’s participation in any activity through this Site or to the legal right to participate in the official lotteries draws or any other activity proposed by this Site. It is each participant’s responsibility to ensure that he complies with any and all laws applicable to him before registering or participating in any activity through this Site.

    That’s pretty much anywhere with a legal lottery, casinos and everywhere with explicit laws against gambling. Where is this legal, besides the UK?

    So they’ll take your money, but if you win and they won’t pay because of this clause, it’s your fault.

    I’ve seen a lot of these places over the year, I can’t see how i’m going to get paid for my winning ticket.

    Anyone have experience as a player with any of these places?


    Hi AmCan,

    I remember that a few years back I had an affiliate promoting a casino with his lottery site (not you) and was promoting some lottery companies. He got a person who played at one of those lottery sites he was promoting where she sent $5000 for taxes and admin purposes to claim her prize. We found out thistogether because this woman called me almost crying. She was looking for a phone number where to call and she ended up with me trough an affiliate link that this affiliate have on his website.

    We couldn’t help her and she only made a police report about this fraud.

    That was the story.


    @AmCan 135189 wrote:

    I’ve seen a lot of these places over the year, I can’t see how i’m going to get paid for my winning ticket.

    Anyone have experience as a player with any of these places?

    Most if not all, lottery tickets, are bearer instruments, so unless you have the winning ticket in your posession it is best to stay away. If you play the same numbers week after week it is advisible to keep some so you have a paper trail in the even the ticket is lost or stolen.


    ive been promoting the… ive had a lot of signups, and no complaints. also, if this were the case it seems it would be all over the place now.

    i signed up made deposit.. but did not win of course so i cant say much, but since they take your information when you signup they seem like they would be automatically be admitting guilt / committing a crime for selling you a ticket if they claim you could not play legally anyway?


    Hello AmCan, should not be confused with any lottery scam sites whatsoever. operates globally with its own offices and via local messenger companies, supplying a messenger service to customers who wish to buy lottery tickets worldwide. will never ever initiate an email to its customers asking them to pay in advance in order to receive their prize, we have many testimonials of customers who won various lotteries and got their prizes via service has been active since 2002 with no legal problems or any special complaints by customers. I am sure you know that actual lottery scam sites don’t last that long.

    Our customers can view a scan of their official lottery ticket, which we physically purchase on their behalf, it’s the best solid evidence one can get.

    Our terms and conditions were put in place to protect both the company and the customers interests; this is common practice by all real companies.
    A lottery scam site most likely would not bother having lawyers draft legal terms and conditions.

    AmCan, should you ever change your mind and feel that joining our affiliate program can be of interest to you, please feel free to contact me at,

    I wish you all the best,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)