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Look’n for a good white label

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    Can anyone tell me of any free private/white label progams out there?


    Don’t know if these are good, but they are free:

    There are others, can’t remember them at the moment.

    For an example of private site, take a look at For a good example of private site, look at

    What is wrong with your site at the moment? Who are you affiliated with? It looks better than mine. The key is good marketing and promotion, one of the hardest things to do online. When you look at the web and the different types of businesses that are online, some poor looking sites actually do very well financially.

    Here is what I think are the keys to making money using any turnkey / affiliate / ecommerce site:

    1. Get your site linked by as many sites as you can. If you know how search engines work, then you will know that this is more effective than using any freely (some paid) available search engine submission tools.
    2. Affiliate marketing. By signing up for any casino turnkey site, you are basically signing up as an affiliate. This is low risk, low reward strategy. Being able to offer an affiliate program will allow other people to help promote your own brand, not anyone elses.
    3. Be active. Do one thing everyday to help improve your site. Then increase your targets. Start foing 2, 3, 4, 5 things a day.

    And here are my action plans for the above:

    1. Do you research and sign up for an affiliate / turnkey site you feel comfortable with.
    2. Register a domain / web hosting.
    3. Setup your site.
    4. Promote your site offline / online.
    5. Set goals for your site. Goals per week / month / year

    Sorry if I have carried on too much. I know this may be my first post, but I hope whatever I have written will help you out.


    I’m currently with the United Partner Program. I can’t remember but I think they pay ok about the same as the rest. They offer alot of languages of which I like, but less games that’s what I don’t like.

    I think I’m may be going with EarnUnited. They have alot more games that’s what is important to me. And the templates load fast also.

    I don’t know, I’ll probably get both.
    Plus I have some nice templates from my previous sites that I could use also.

    Like I said, I’m new to gambling sites and figured out it’s probably the best way to make money online besides porno crap, and I ain’t go’n there.

    Thanks for the reply and appreciate any and all opinions.


    With a white label casino, I think you need to go beyond the templates you’re given and try to create your own brand. In the case of EarnUnited, they have a strong suite of games and some useful features that you can promote but (apart from my own site) pretty much all the white label sites I’ve seen look the same.

    The same is true of Grand Virtual and GamblingFederation. You’re not gonna do much business simply by using the rather drab templates you’re given.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)