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    WordPress Theme Sponsorship

    Day by Day blogging is becoming more and more popular. Most blogs are crawled by search engines daily, with there “ping” feature notifying search engines of updates who in turn send there bots to crawl the new content.

    I am offering the chance to “sponsor” these blogs by placing a link in high quality wordpress themes. These themes are guaranteed to be downloaded and used by poker bloggers, providing you with; long term, sitewide, relevant links.

    Many themes are downloaded 1000’s of times and used by 100’s of bloggers. I am personally distributing this theme to the most popular wordpress theme sites in an attempt to maximise the number of downloads. The theme is widget ready, which increases peoples willingness to download it as it saves a hell of a lot of work.

    A lot of sites are sponsoring themes in a bid to rocket up the search engines, my blog, look in the footer and you’ll see it’s sponsored by “Cheap Web Hosting” search this on google, and you will see they rank 3rd for this term. Although i don’t know much about the site i can say sponsoring this popular theme must have helped them with this ranking.

    There will be 3 links in the footer of each theme which will be given to the highest bidder in an auction type style.

    Sponsors can choose any gambling related site to link to, using any keyword they desire.

    Each Link
    Starting Bid : $50
    Minimum increment : $10
    BIN : $250

    BIN for all 3 links $650

    Ends in 48hours.

    Payment by; moneybookers, check or pokerstars.

    P.S anyone missing out on this sponsorship don’t be disheartened, i have 4 more ready for sponsorship tomorrow


    $60 each now a private bidder bid the $50 on all 3.

    2 more themes ready for sponsorship

    Theme 2

    Theme 3

    Member – Sponsor a theme today or download a new theme for your blog.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)