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List of Winners for CAP Awards 2009

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    Winners of prestigious industry-wide awards to be announced later this evening, at CAP Awards ceremony and at

    From the CAP Newswire:

    January 29, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Today is the big day for the iGaming affiliate community. Not only is today the day that the industry’s biggest event, CAP Euro London 2009, kicks off — it’s also the day when the winners of the second annual CAP Awards will be announced.

    “Given the success of the first annual CAP Awards, the glamour-clad occasion’s second outing is very highly anticipated,” stated Alex Pratt, an organizer for the event. “The fact that it’s logistically bigger, better and even more competitive than last year is only increasing excitement within the industry.”

    Hosted this evening at London’s The Brewery (, a venue that has recently been awarded Event Magazine’s Best Venue 2008, the black tie CAP Awards event honors ongoing success within the online gaming industry. Different from other industry awards, CAP gives affiliate marketing community members the power to choose who is crowned as the winner in each of 23 categories.

    The format for the evening is as follows:

    7pm Champagne reception
    8pm Sumptuous 3-course dinner
    9.15pm Entertainment from stand-up comedian, Tony Law
    9.30pm Presentation of awards, compered by Michael Caselli and Warren Jolly
    11.10pm Drinks & dancing
    1am Carriages

    The CAP Awards recognize superior achievement for Best Affiliate, Best Affiliate Program, and Best Affiliate Manager in the categories of Casino, Poker, Bingo, Sports Betting, Skill Gaming, and Lottery. There are also awards for Best iGaming Software in the categories of Casino, Poker, and Bingo. Rounding out off the awards are Best Overall Affiliate, Best Overall Affiliate Manager, Best iGaming Affiliate Network, and Best Payment System.

    CAP officials emphasized that all awards nominations are completely user-driven; employees and management of CAP or PAP had no involvement in the nominations.

    Please visit to see the list of nominees.

    Stay tuned to the CAP website to see who the big winners are!


    And I am patiently waiting for the results… :sarcasm:


    Hey, if you were in London, you’d be hearing them live right about now!

    Anyway, I’ll be posting the winners to CAP in about 2 hours. Stay tuned!


    Well thanks for rubbing it in mate :Cry:

    I can’t sit still.. and the forums are dead.. so nothing to distract me…

    Can you tell im impatient?


    But you were last year’s big winner! That should be a good excuse to attend this year, right?


    Well I’m sitting in the office :tongue:


    You won, Renee! :hattip:


    Nathan must be partying since its been over 3 hrs now


    @Dominique 195870 wrote:

    You won, Renee! :hattip:

    Thanks Dom!

    Brings a tear to my eye.. Really wish I was there :Cry:

    Dom are you able to post a full list of winners pls?

    Renee;195859 wrote:
    And I am patiently waiting for the results… :sarcasm:

    Well done Renee

    I just got back from the awards.

    Shame you where not there to collect the award yourself.


    Not partying, unfortunately — working!

    Anyway, Renee wins again! Here’s the full list, which you can also read over at the CAP News page:

    January 29, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — (“CAP”), the world’s largest and longest-running affiliate marketing directory for the online gaming industry, has announced the winners to this year’s CAP Awards 2009.

    The winners were unveiled earlier today in a prestigious, black tie ceremony at London’s The Brewery, which was recently named Event Magazine’s Best Venue of 2008. The CAP Awards ceremony also served to kick off this year’s CAP Euro London 2009, the iGaming affiliate marketing world’s largest industry conference.

    As always, the CAP Awards nominations process was peer-led, allowing members of the gaming affiliate community to nominate and vote in each category. The democratic nature of the process is designed to ensure that the CAP Awards represent a consensus of the online gaming affiliate community as a whole, and are not just the decision of the CAP administrators.

    The list of this year’s winners is as follows:

    Best Casino Affiliate Program: EuroPartners
    Best Poker Affiliate Program: Everest Affiliates
    Best Bingo Affiliate Program: Jackpot Joy / MarketAce
    Best Sportsbook Affiliate Program: Betfair Affiliate Program
    Best Skill Gaming Affiliate Program: RummyAffiliates
    Best Overall Affiliate Program (sponsored by Ivobank): Affiliate Club

    Best iGaming Casino Software: Microgaming
    Best iGaming Poker Software: Pokerstars
    Best iGaming Bingo Software: Playtech

    Best Casino Affiliate Manager: Renee, Rewards Affiliates
    Best Poker Affiliate Manager: Carly, PokerStars
    Best Bingo Affiliate Manager: Pierrick, Virgin Games
    Best Sportsbook Affiliate Manager: Roman, Intertops
    Best Skill Gaming Affiliate Manager: Shay Shevach, RummyAffiliates
    Best Overall Affiliate Manager: Cobus, Referback

    Best iGaming Affiliate Network: Income Access
    Best Payment System for Affiliates: Neteller

    Best Casino Affiliate: Simmo (CAP Username: Ian Sims)
    Best Poker Affiliate (sponsored by eGaming Online):
    Best Bingo Affiliate: (Roo Wright)
    Best Sportsbook Affiliate: Bet Brain
    Best Skill Gaming Affiliate: Dominique (CAP Username)
    Best Overall Affiliate (sponsored by Affiliates United): Bet Brain

    We want to extend our most enthusiastic congratulations to each and every winner of this year’s CAP Awards,” stated Lou Fabiano,’s Founder and President. “These are truly the brightest stars in the CAP community. But honestly, each of the dozens of nominated programs and individuals deserve congratulations, as does our stellar community of more than 8,000 affiliates and webmasters who not only voted for this year’s winners, but who also make the entire CAP experience possible each and every day.”

    CAP officials emphasized that all awards nominations are completely user-driven; no employees and/or management personnel of CAP or its sister company (PAP) had any involvement in the nominations.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)