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Links for sale on Gambling site

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    Hey Guys I’m selling links on my Casino Gambling Site.

    They’re site wide links in the left bar menu.

    The price is $100 for 6 months and I’m only offering 6 months deals so no 12 or 3 or 1 month deals, 6 months only.

    PM me for the site or just look in my sig lol.

    Also the site is pr1 but that will defintly go up next google update as I’ve done a fair bit link building will continue to do so.

    Anyway pm me if your interested.



    Seeing I’m selling links and domains why not conmbine them so if you buy a link on any 3 of my sites you get a domain from the list below free.

    Also if you buy a link on or I’ll offer you a link on for half price which is $50 for 6 months plus you still get a free domain. $50


    Sports Betting

    Horse Racing




    I’m looking for online casino site to purchase that consist of:poker/BlackJack/sports betting/slots/etc. The online casino must have made reasonable profits over pass year. Please contact me at:818-812-0842 or e-mail

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)