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links and RSS feeds

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    Hey guys, I got a couple questions for about my site

    1. Anyone tell me where I can get a solid RSS feed for poker news/updates for my front page?

    Also, how do you go about starting your own RSS feed? I was thinking of possibly starting one that would report poker news, plus my league, tournament and free roll results. That way other webmasters who referred members to my site could get the RSS feed to put up on their site. Do you think this would work? Got any ideas to make this work? I’m still working on it as I just thought of this. Anyone else already doing something like this?

    2. I am looking for quality link exchanges. Again my address is and my links can be found at

    If you have anything good/bad to say about my site please let me know.



    I liked the site.

    I was thinking that with the review page, all the banners and options make things a little confusing. Maybe have an “Empire Poker” link and then this takes them to the full review page?

    As for RSS feeds, they are relatively easy to create (do a Google search and you can find some programs for the code). Once you do that, then you can syndicate them and add them to the “My Yahoo” section on Yahoo (MSN, too) for a search engine ranking boost. I’m not sure where to find general RSS feeds for poker news, though.

    Anyway, I like the site, and good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)