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Lets do our part.

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    I’d like to address a subject that doesn’t come up often enough on this forum.

    We are all aware that the online casino industry is facing some threat by legislation – or lack thereof – in the U.S.

    It occurs to me that one small thing we as webmasters can do is promote only reputable casinos. It’s our responsibility as webmasters to send our players to casinos which we are reasonably certain are above-board, who can pay the winners, who treat them with courtesy and respect – and all that jazz.

    If we just promote casinos based mostly on whoever pays the most or has the best conversions, regardless of the casinos’ reputation, and our players run into b.s. and difficulty with them, we are hurting the industry as a whole. We also lose our own credibility. As any casino who has done wrong in the past knows, lost credibility is not easily regained.

    Consumer complaints only add fuel to the fire, and give the anti-online-gambling lobby ammunition.

    I know that we’re all aware of this, I just think it’s important to point it out for any new webmasters out there who read this forum, since it never seems to come up in any of the discussions.


    I’ve always agreed with this approach. It’s why I was the first to take down Rich Webmaster casinos when there was the first sign that they were failing to pay in a timely manner.

    It’s also why I took down Iglobalmedia casinos way back when they had the old software and there was speculation that the software was rigged. Those casinos were making me a ton of money, especially zantana and starluck. I advertise starluck again but it’s only because they’ve upgraded the software. I was probably wrong about the problems with the software in the first place but I did not want to risk it.

    Same thing happened with casinopaycheck casinos. There was a lot of negative information concerning them, they were also dumping worthless stock on uninformed investors. I wasn’t making much with them but it was a decent amount of money. In this case removing them was a great move, all of those casinos are gone except for the one i never promoted, and now i’ve read somewhere that they are not paying affiliates.

    There’s probably a couple more but I cant remember them right now. It makes more moral and business sense to send your traffic to established casinos that have proven themselves. I still have players playing at captain cook’s from the year 2000! Had i sent those players elsewhere for a quick buck they would be gone.



    Agreed. Hopefully this would fall under common sense for most webmasters.

    The affiliates who have no conscience probably wont care what we say. The good news is they tend to burn out of the business quickly before they can do too much damage.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)