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    Hi guys, back again with this addition of the affiliate newsletter. Hope you have all been doing well, nearly Christmas time already!

    NEW FLASHY Royal Card Club Banners

    We have some great new flash Royal Card Club banners available. To view them please visit and if you would like to use them to attract players please email me at and I will send them through to you.

    Royal Card Room in German

    Royal Card Room is now fully translated into German – menus and all.

    If you would like some banners in German (or any language) please let me know what you are after and I can have them made up for you :-) Also, we will soon be adding full translations into Swedish, Spanish, Romanian and Finnish.

    New signup bonuses available at Royal Card Room

    Maybe it’s time to update your site with a new Royal Card Room signup bonus.

    Here is a list of all ‘Shared Cost’* signup bonuses currently available for you to offer your players as they join Royal Card Room.

    Deposit Bonus New Players
    30%, max €100, 30 days, VIP100/€10
    30%, max €200, 30 days, VIP200/€10
    50%, max €100, 30 days, VIP200/€10
    100%, max €20, 30 days, VIP50/€10
    100%, max €100, 30 days, VIP500/€50
    100%, max €140, 30 days, VIP300/€35
    100%, max €140, 20 days, VIP400/€35
    100%, max €140, 20 days, VIP500/€35
    100% min/max €50, 30 days, VIP500/€50
    100% min/max €100, 30 days, VIP1500/€100
    100% min/max €200, 30 days, VIP3000/€200

    *Shared Cost means the cost is deducted from gross rake, so it is shared between you and us.

    Explanation of the bonuses:

    Take this bonus from above as an example: 30%, max €100, 30 days, VIP100/€10 – This is a 30% bonus of up to €100 Free, based on the first deposit only! The player has up to 30 days from the day they join to earn the bonus. The bonus is earned at a rate of €10 for every 100 VIP points the player earns in the 30 days after joining Royal Card Room. Whatever component of the bonus the player qualifies for is credited 30 days after they sign up.

    So if a player registers for this bonus and makes an initial deposit of €200, the maximum bonus they can earn is 30% of €200 = €60. If, however they then go on and player but only earn 300VIP points in the first 30 days, they will be awarded a €30 bonus 30 days after they first signed up.

    If you would like anymore information about this feel free to contact me.

    39 US States welcome

    Just a reminder that US players are still accepted at Royal Card Club apart from the 11 states listed below;

    New Jersey
    New York
    South Dakota

    Again we regret that we have had to ban 11 of the US States, and we hope to be able to welcome these customers back in the future.


    Any forums owners out there that have any ideas about some competitions we could run for your community please email me your ideas at

    Support notice

    Just a reminder; if your players require assistance please direct them to for Royal Card Club players and for Royal Card Room players. Also, if you have a query regarding your own player accounts please send your emails to those addresses too.

    If you are not signed up to both programs make sure you do. For Royal Card Club go to and for Royal Card Room go to

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)