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just out of curiosity…

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    I’m pretty new to this affiliate stuff. Did anyone actually make money doing this stuff? If so, can you give me an idea how much? I’m not sure if what I’m hearing is right or just all talks… Can you really make 4 or 5 digits monthly?


    Yes you can but it takes time and a lot of work. This is by no means a get rich quick scheme.


    Dominique, Professor, and others all have successful casino affiliate ventures – and there’s no magic trick or secret that will get you the big bucks in a month, or even a year for that matter.

    1. More and More people are entering this field.
    2. More and More people with BIG DOLLARS are entering this field.

    There’s nothing that can be done about realities 1 or 2; except offer casino affiliate program links at your site and hope a webmaster signs up and becomes a profitable “sub-affiliate”.

    Reality 3 is where the work and effort comes in.

    How do you get traffic in this business? As I see it (any veterans can reply to this if it is inaccurate)

    1. Search Engines, Particularly Google.
    2. Pay Per Click Search Engines.
    3. EMAIL Marketing (Spamming, that is)

    Getting a high enough ranking in a search engine to generate enough traffic to convert players on a monthly basis is a lot of work and requires time.

    With PPC’s, you can be a little more proactive, that is, you invest X dollars and expect Y players to convert in to Z cash profit less your investment. Example:

    Overture Keyword: “Online Casinos” $10 for first place.
    Invest: $10,000, for essentially first place 100 times.
    Convert 5 players of 100 page views.
    Each player brings you $300 profit.
    5 x 300 = 1500 – 1000 traffic buy = $500 pure profit.

    If you want to be impetuous PPCs are the way to go. And many “Big Time” marketers are going this way because its easy to through their money around.

    Ranking high in Google and other engines, on the other hand, takes time, reciprocal linking, tweaking code on your website, and a little luck. Check out the top 20 or so sites for keywords “online casinos”, “online casino”, or “casinos” to get the general drift. boasts that in Aug of 2002 it paid its top affiliate, code named “The Terminator” some $150,000 or so.

    But don’t let the green fool you. Perhaps “The Terminator” lurks in this forum, and to he/she I say Congratulations…*note also referback does not post its top earners any more*

    My thought is that The Terminator probably bought $100,000 to $120,000 in traffic, and reaped $20,000 to $30,000 pure profit.

    In terms of investing, this isn’t a bad return…..The real question is: Can such returns still be had?

    And, can the little guy still make off with some loot even if it takes him a year of so to get up in the competition?


    That was extremely well put!!!!


    hey umbralluv … don’t be fooled by the big talkers… its’ really hard to make a buck doing casino affiliate marketing… believe me.. i been trying… got like 8 sites with decent traffic… and i can hardly depend on this stuff to cover my utility bills. I also have experience in the field… + was the rookie of the year in 2002 with casino coins – the most reputable affiliate program… got a trophey and all… haha if i’m the #1 new guy…. oh man… people new to the game.. aren’t makin’ pesos at all.

    It used to be a lot easier.. when the yahoo algorithm was a childs play for example… i made a few bucks… but now… damn it takes a lot of work… i tried PPC .. been buying traffic and everything… not easy

    casino affiliate managers say that a small number of affiliates at the top are raking in all the $… so unless you’re planning on going all the way… well you get the picture

    i hate to sound depressing… but iz true


    That was very helpful. I’ll have to stick to this for a little while. Hopefully I make something out of it. If not, it will be a learning experience.

    Anyone recommend passing out flyers…. Maybe at a bar, club, or even a local casino advertising your site…


    I have passed out flyers with moderate success and also have business cards advertising my sites in my local gas station, friends pubs and shops. I also have my car signwritten and my husbands dragcar will be signwritten for the coming season. However I am in the UK – and although its not legal to advertise gambling here the laws are being relaxed, and it is unlikely anyone will be prosecuted.
    With the gambling laws as they are in the US I wouldnt like to comment on how legal it would be to do that over there right now – I’m sure people are doing it but I would hate anyone to be a test case for prosecution:rolleyes:


    umbralluv i don’t think it would be wise to pass out fliers at a casino. i think they would frown upon that & you might be wearing cement shoes. ha ha. actually i’ve thought about that but didn’t have the nerve to do it. i like everything on me intact.

    Pam 712 i have done some print advertising here in oregon but it is illegal to play internet casino games here i’ve found out. some of my casinos i advertise won’t allow you to play yet referback ones do. at least at the time i sign up they did.

    i have luckly had no problems with the law but i don’t know if my partner is still advertising the site or not. see we went into buisness. he would advertise & i would take care of the site and all. we had a couple of players but for the most part it was a total waiste of time. i no longer do print advertising.

    in the beginning i did some advertising with Rollilng Stone but that was a wash out also.


    Offline advertising is very tough indeed. The only successful people doing it have very large operating budgets and do CD mailers to targeted lists of gamblers. Results are said to be good but the initial outlay can be a big hurdle for most portal owners.

    In the past I advertised on Radio and spent $10k on a test campaign on the Howard Stern show. It was really cool hearing my ads read on the radio, but it did NOT produce any tangible results so I had to drop it.

    I briefly toyed with the idea of placing signs on busy intersections. Then I decided the local law enforcement people would probably come after me as they love to legislate morality here in Orlando.

    I think from the standpoint of legality and ROI it doesnt make sense to do non-tartgeted or offline advertising in the present business climate.


    Around here we have about 5 casino nights in different cities. If you have them around you sponsor them. Give away a trip to a casino and give everyone a cd if you affiliate program offers them. It cost around $800.00 to $1000.00 but expect to make a lot more.

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